Babies: 9 - 12 Months

Not drinking bottle

 Help! Anyone have a baby that has gone through a phase of only letting one parent feed them? Mine is almost 10mos and will only finish her bottle with my husband. It's a complete struggle with me and any babysitter. Just a phase or switch formula? I'm so sad and frustrated.

Re: Not drinking bottle

  • Mine has never been happy about taking a bottle from me.  If I'm around, he wants to nurse.  
    He also weaned himself off a bottle at 9 months and now insists on talking all his milk from a sippy cup when nursing isn't an option.
    How long has she preferred your husband? Have you tried a different formula at all? Does she like it better?  Maybe try different bottles as well.  Or sippy cups
  • My LO doesn't usually let me hold her when she has a bottle so I lay her on the floor with some blankets and a pillow. 
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