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  • Good luck with your induction @Gretchypoo!
  • Good luck @Gretchypoo !!! I know you're ready to see your little one!

  • I get busy for a day and holy baby explosion.  Congrats to everyone!

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  •  Kswiger06!!! Can't wait for an update!!!.
    1. @SawyerRichardson big congratulations! She is just gorgeous! Hope youre both doing well! Xxx
    2. Congratulations @SawyerRichardson! She is darling!!
      Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
    3. WHAT!! Congrats @homemake! Way to sneak that one in there! Congrats @SawyerRichardson as well! Happy news!

    4. Holy babies!! These kids aren't playing around! Congrats to all the mommas!!!
    5. @leslie1331 same here. Lol. I'm like she'll come when she's ready- I'm fine. Etc. Then I come on here and see a million people having their babies and I'm all- wtf child. You are my third, I'm over this. Come out now. Haha. 
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    6. Congratulations @Gretchypoo & @homemake! Looking forward to hearing all about your lovely babies!
    7. Sooooo many babies!! Congrats mammas!!

      paging @kswiger06 : did she have her baby, or did I miss it??
    8. Congrats to all the new mamas!! It's so hard to keep track :lol:
      First BFP: 12/16/13
      EDD: 08/23/14
      Baby BOY born: 08/29/14
    9. Congrats @Gretchypoo and @homemake. Good luck @ftaylor2846!
      BFP #1: DD born on 08.25.12 BFP #2: 09/08/15 miscarried at 6w BFP #3: DD2 born on 02.07.17
    10. Congrats on all the babies @Jab3   @SawyerRichardson @Gretchypoo @homemake and @LC12261012! I hope I remembered everyone!
    11. @homemake great baby name *theodore fist bump*

    12. Congratulations @gretchypoo she is gorgeous!!!!!!
    13. Oh my goodness @Gretchypoo she is absolutely precious! Congrats!
    14. Ahhh @Gretchypoo she's adorable!! Congratulations!!!
    15. @Gretchypoo you and Betty look amazing. Congrats ladies.   Any word from Kswiger06?
    16. @Gretchypoo Betty is a doll! Congratulations! And she was a good size too! 
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    17. @homemake wow! What a birth story! Glad you didn't have a car baby. Theodore is such a sweet name, too! Congrats!
    18. Good job everyone on the babies today, all absolutely precious!!! 
    19. Such a busy week with babies!  Congrats everyone!

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    20. Congrats everyone! What great stories today. @homemake 3.5 hours!? That's nuts! So glad you made it safely. @Gretchypoo it sounds like all of your preparation really paid off and you had the experience you wanted with your induction. So happy for everyone!

    21. I'm starting to worry about @kswiger06, I haven't heard an update and I don't want to pester her with texts. Sending her all the good vibes and I hope she's just resting ❤️
    22. @yogadevil - I haven't heard from her either. Hoping the same, that she is just resting and enjoying her new baby boy.

    23. Congratulations @Gretchypoo & @homemake, Betty & Theodore are both little stunners! Hope everyone os recovering well! Xxx
    24. Holy cow it's been busy around here!! Congrats @homemake and @Gretchypoo !!! Also thinking of you @kswiger06

    25. It's been such a busy week for all the new Febu-mommas! Congratulations on your new healthy bundles of joy!

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