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Trying to stay positive but. ...

I am in the same sad boat only this is my 2nd loss in a few months. This was our first pregnancy after trying for 2.5 years.. got pregnant in august and was 6 weeks 3 days when I lost the baby in October 1st. They said it was a chromosomal pregnancy. Grieved the loss, held onto the support from my family and friends to help me get through this nightmare...

Was given the ok by my doc to try again if we were ready.  Wasn't really trying and figured it wouldn't happen that fast. I need help with using ovulation medication so I was shocked to find out I was pregnant again in the middle of December. I was about 5 weeks and lost another baby which was a chemical pregnancy  right before Christmas.. 

My ob told me to wait until the bleeding had stopped and that we didn't need to take precautions. I'm trying to stay positive that my time will come soon for a healthy pregnancy finally. After 1 it takes a toll on you emotionally let alone a second one :/ 

Any advice on how to keep the faith and remain hopeful that I can still have a healthy pregnancy after 2 losses would be greatly appreciated! !

Re: Trying to stay positive but. ...

  • I don't have any advice as I just had my first loss, but I wish you luck and I hope you can find strength in your H and your family. Hugs
  • @Pcannon0920 I have no advice. I just wanted to say I can relate. I had a miscarriage around 10 wks and then a chemical pregnancy as well. Wishing you luck!! I'm hoping 3rd times a charm...
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  • @sprkls8506 I wish you luck also! Praying 3rd times a charm as well.. I can't go through anymore sadness, hurts too much!  Thanks for the message and I'm sorry your going through this as well
  • @Pumpkin0913 hugs back!!! Sorry for your loss and hopefully you get your little miracle the next try!! :)
  • @Pcannon0920 sorry for your loss. I am also going through my second loss back to back. Hopefully 3rd time is a charm for you as well and for all of us in the same situation!
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    @pcannon0920 I'm so sorry for your losses.  I had my son after 2 cp.  He was born perfectly healthy and is the apple of my eye.  We started trying again this past spring.  I became pregnant again in aug and sadly at a little over 6 weeks lost the baby.  I was devastated.  Was then shocked when I went to the doc about a month or so later for what I thought was a UTI to find that I was pregnant again! Seems I didn't even realize I ovulated and became pregnant 3 weeks after the MC! Shocked was def an understatement. I am 19 weeks today and we had our Anatomy scan with an MFM on wed and our Little Boy is perfectly healthy.  He's actually measuring 6 days ahead and bouncing around.  Do not loose hope at all. I know first hand how discouraging it can be and at times feel hopeless. But your would be surprised how things happen when they do. Take care of yourself and don't blame yourself either. Good Luck and hope to see you on a BMB very soon....

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  • @Pcannon0920 wishing you luck as well!! 

    @schnitz9 congrats!
  • I feel it. 2 m/cs then I've tried 3 BFNs. And I don't think it'll ever happen for me. It seems to for other people though and you are "other people" so there's a good chance!
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