WTF Wednesday 12/28 — The Bump
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WTF Wednesday 12/28

Let's hear it! 

star wars what surprised princess leia
In honor of Princess Leia.... 

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Re: WTF Wednesday 12/28

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  • Taylor72 said:

    WTF work. why am I here. I should have taken today and tomorrow off.  It's only 20 hours of my PTO and I'm literally bumpin my way from Nov16 thru Aug17 just because I don't actually want to do anything.

    also agree with you @kirstinh88 - that was super annoying and she seriously didn't even ask a freakin question I did a major eyeroll when I read it.

    okay, now i have to go read it!  :D
  • WTF Dh, who lied about doing laundry on his day off but didn't actually do anything! DS has nothing clean, and I know DH is running low on things. You had all day! Even just 1 load would have been helpful. 
    Story of my life!!!  Men >:(
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