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Faint Line and then Negative...?

I believe I'm 15-16dpo and I took one hpt (generic cvs brand) and got a super faint line. I then took a cb (+,-) and didn't see an extra line. I waited 4hrs and then took another generic cvs and got another faint line. I took a digital this morning and it said not pregnant. I've already had two losses and I'm terrified of another (if i am pregnant) I called my RE yesterday with no response yet. Any advice please? 

Re: Faint Line and then Negative...?

  • As far as I know, false positives are rare and false negatives are more common. I would say if you have had at least one, it's probably positive. Try again tomorrow and see what happens (I know the waiting will be awful). Or wait to hear from your RE. Keep us posted--I hope it's good news for you! 

    If you are, hang in there. I'm sorry for your losses. It's normal to be afraid. But let your doctor walk you through it. 
  • Blue dye tests are more prone to evap lines or faint lines that turn out to be false. Digital tests have a higher threshold before they show positive. Given that, it's hard to judge. I would wait 1-2 more days and test with a pink dye test (or, see if your RE will do an hcg blood level). 
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  • I'll get blood work results tomorrow. I had three faint lines yesterday with blue dye tests. I don't have any pink dyes on hand. I've had a little bit of cramping, but no bleeding. I hate the waiting! 
  • Got the results this morning, negative beta. I'll start a medicated cycle next month so hopefully next month will be it!
  • @carterh33. Aw. I'm sorry you got false negatives! Hang in there--we hope to see you back soon! 
  • Sorry to hear :(
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