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  • I got the weakness/dizzy spells today.  Totally clammy and almost passed out at Costco.  Was so weak it was all I could do to get to the car without dropping.  Even passed up my beloved Costco dog.   I think I was too hot in there.  Hope that is all it was.  
    The two times I've fainted while preggo now it's been way too hot and that's set me off.  Hope you don't have any more spells! 
  • Sorry ladies I will now count myself lucky I'm only getting up twice! 
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  • @CornchipLA  do you know what your blood pressure is usually like? A low BP can often cause dizziness/blacking out. You're probably okay, but I would just mention it to your doctor at your next visit too if it happens more often, and keep it in mind if you go the epidural route as that can cause your BP to drop too, so you'll want to ensure they load you up with fluids! 

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  • The back and hip pain... its making me so miserable and cranky! Also making me terrified to get old--if this is what feeling old is like, God take me early! 

    Also: :(

  • @kswiger06 Zantac is okay in pregnancy! I've been taking it daily since 20 weeks, and it's the only thing that has allowed me to still have any esophagus left at this point. 

  • Thanks @poetryandoceans I've never had acid reflux or heartburn so for the longest time I didn't know what it was lol. Now I'm like I NEED SOMETHING!!
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  • @kswiger06  My midwife and my friend who does maternity care both okayed it, but make sure you tell your doc the next time you're in. But acid reflux is NO JOKE, and taking Zantac made it manageable. Still have to take the occasional Tums, but i'm no longer popping them like candies. 

  • Man I'm on rx strength protonix and it's doing nothing. I ate after six last night and woke up to vomit up bile from 2-530
  • @kswiger06 if you get zantac, I posted earlier to avoid the stuff with the "soothing mint coating"...This triggered more acid reflux for me! The regular stuff is working wonders though! 

  • @Patience7150 ;Lightbulb moment! Thank you for that, that totally explains why my previously controlled reflux has been a little worse the past two weeks... 

  • I hope it is ok if I hop back in....I posted pretty regularly from the beginning til about 14 weeks and then work and life got insanely busy and I sort of fell off the face of TB...

    I did a search in the board but didn't find much - so if there is a previous thread you would like to refer me to I would appreciate it. I was hoping to hear about other people's experiences with PPD, and specifically what led you to discuss the possibility with your doctor. 

    The last month or two I have noticed an overall decline in my mood and much more sensitivity to emotions (mostly sad). I have found myself crying much more than is normal for myself and have had a really hard time staying connected to my husband or any close friends - I mostly just want to be alone or spend time with just my daughter. 

    I have been trying to decide if I should bring it up to my doctor. It's not a constant feeling, it kind of comes and goes, just lately it comes more than it goes. 

    Its something I think is manageable now, but with my first I was pretty emotional for the first few weeks of my daughters life, so I worry the rush of hormones after delivery will push me over the tipping point. Any advice or previous experiences would be much appreciated. 
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  • Man I'm on rx strength protonix and it's doing nothing. I ate after six last night and woke up to vomit up bile from 2-530
    That sounds awful!!  :/ but you've got less than 5 weeks!!  :#
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  • I've had pelvic pain for most of this pregnancy. I assumed it was just par for the course because of relaxin and being plus size. But it hasn't gotten better and from what I've read about SPD (symphysis pubic pain) and PGP (pelvic girdle pain), I'm thinking I might have that. I don't have all the symptoms listed, but most of them. I've decided it's painful enough and gone on long enough that It warrants a conversation with my doctor at my next appt on Tuesday.

    Does anyone have SPD/PGP or experience with it? I already sleep with a pillow between my legs. I take Tylenol and Benadryl every night to help me sleep. It hurts to flip over in bed. I take it easy and don't lift anything heavy. I'm not  keen on the idea of a pregnancy girdle/support belt, but not against it. 
  • @purplewriter maternity specialized chiropractor or DO can do wonders! 
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