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GTKY 12/26

How was everyone's holiday weekend? Best part? Worst part? Or meh the whole time?

Re: GTKY 12/26

  • Best part was watching my almost three year old daughter open her gifts. I've been slowly buying them since the summer and I've been dying to give them to her. It's so fun to see which ones really grab her interest. 
    The worst part, of course was at my inlaws when my MIL had a totally rude reaction when I told her the middle name we chose for our baby boy, Morgan. Which was my maiden name and currently my middle name, (I didn't have a middle name so when I got married I added it). It really means a lot to me because it's a tie to my father, who passed away when I was a teenager.  Well when I told her, she literally made a confused and disgusted face and walked away from me. She then walked over to her own daughter and started talking in Hungarian to her, obviously talking negatively about our middle name choice. How rude! What type of adult acts that way!? I'm still so hurt and angry over it. She does stuff like that all the time. I always bite my tongue to keep the peace for my husbands sake but in my head I'm ripping her a new one. One of these days she's going to go too far. 

  • @Bok Bagok oh my word. What a rude reaction. I love the name Morgan. One of those things she'll just have to get over. 

    My Christmas was alright. And I hate to beat a dead horse and complain about this again but oh my word are crutches such a nuisance. Everything takes twice as long to do, walking on them while pregnant is no fun, and I can't drive anywhere and don't know how I'll get to work this week and ugh. And my father in law's humor normally doesn't bother me but there were too many dumb jokes and comments for my pregnant self this time. Also he made a comment about "gotta feed little Lucy" when DH brought me dinner and I thought DH had told him that was in our top five name list. But when I said that, he looked surprised and said he was just pulling a name from the air. So now I don't know what he thinks of the name but he made jokes about it and I was upset because I really like that name and I didn't want anyone to know the name until much later. Grr. 

    Anyway the best part was just eating my mother in law's cooking and being around family. We went to a Christmas Eve service and it was really cozy and nice. Overall I'm glad it's over. Now let the new year begin. 
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  • @hgrich I gotta laugh because your FILs humor just sounds so ridiculous. 
    I would have been upset about the name thing too. I love the name Lucy, it's always been on my girl list :) It's so sweet for a little girl but also classy for a grown woman. 
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