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I thought it would be fun to copy M17 again and start a running movement thread. 

It's about that time that some us will start feeling movement. So, if you've felt movement let us know and be sure to state how far along you are. It also gives those a little further behind something to look forward to.

Re: Movements

  • Im 17 weeks and have been feeling movement 3-5 times a day. It happens randomly and they are small and quick, but this is my second pregnancy so I know what it feels like. I get so excited every time it happens. It is the best part of pregnancy for me.
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    I felt movement by this time with my son but his limbs were measuring two weeks ahead (he's still super lanky). I'll expect to feel something in the next two weeks...I hope! 

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  • I found out at my NT scan that I have an anterior placenta this time around :( not expecting to feel anything for several more weeks (I am 14 currently)
  • I'm 15 weeks and thought I felt something weird yesterday morning. FTM though, so I have no frame of reference. 
  • I am of course starting to stress about this.  Thanks PGAL brain.  This is my third baby and I am a little over 17 weeks.  I think I have felt some movement but it is so quick and isn't every day so I get nervous.  I had an anterior placenta with my daughter so I didn't feel her until later but I just need consistent movement to feel better.
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  • I'm almost 15 weeks and have started to feel the familiar bubbles. With my first I felt them around 16 weeks and the first strong kicks at about 18. 

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  •  I was talking to my midwife about this last week, because I've been feeling these weird things in my gut that feels like pop rocks or something. She said it's early for a first-time mom, but is probably baby. I'll take it!

  • I'm 15 weeks today but felt something last Saturday at 14 weeks. I'm a second time mom and didn't feel anything with my son until around 18 weeks I think. I haven't felt much since with this babe 
  • 2nd time mom and felt something that I think was baby at 14 weeks. Although it happened so quickly, I don't know if it was baby or wishful thinking.

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    15 weeks 5 days, felt tightening and then my belly would feel hard on that side down low. I think that has to be the baby, but no flutters or anything yet. Had apt yesterday HR at 148, so exciting and relieved. Plan to announce now.
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  • I'm 16 weeks and 4TM, I haven't felt anything consistent. At my OB appt when he was using the Doppler, I felt the baby kick as he was pushing around and you could hear it on the Doppler too. This is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy, I'm so ready to feel it consistently.

    @FSUNole31, I totally get where you head is at. Going in to this appt not having felt anything and just kind of floating through hoping everything is okay and having felt kicks earlier with the girls, it's definitely a mind trip.
  • 17w4d. I've had some poking sensations that may be baby, but as a FTM I am really not sure. Hoping for more definitive sensations in the next few weeks. 
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  • I'm 15 weeks, I've been occasionally feeling movements off and on for about a week, but I'm a STM, so I expected to be able to tell it was baby a bit sooner. I know from ultrasounds that this one is a very wiggly baby, so maybe I'll feel more movement this time around. 
  • I'm a FTM with a posterior placenta. I thought I felt something at 13w3d. It felt like a wave almost. I have no idea what I should be feeling! But then a few hours later I was in the bathroom with the stomach bug so maybe it was just that. 
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  • @Stankonia2014 liking out of commiseration.  
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  • @FSUNole31 I have felt some stuff like you described. Could be movement but it isn't consistent enough to be reassuring. 

    I cant wait till movement is consistent for everyone's peace of mind. 
  • I've been feeling a couple of quick pops when I'm laying down relaxing. I'm 16w3d and I think it started sometime last week! It's very exciting.

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  • My first I felt the initial rolling feeling at 16 weeks and could feel actual kicks around 19 weeks.
    This time I felt what I thought must be baby rolling around 13+ but wasnt convinced. Feeling that a lot more now at 15 weeks. Also we could hear the baby moving on the doppler yesterday which was amazing.
    It is by far my favorite part of pregnancy.
  • I'm 15+4 (stm) and have felt some movement, but it doesn't feel quite like it did with my first. He felt more like popcorn or bubbles popping at this point; this one feels more like something is rolling around in there. I had an anterior placenta the first time though, so maybe that has something to do with it? Not sure yet where my placenta is this time. 
  • Just the past few days I think I've been feeling baby.  It is always in the same area and feels like little pokes.
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  • @FSUNole31 I'm a 3tm/17+ weeks and have felt very little. Hugs to you I'm right there with you!!
  • @CurlyMommy416 hopefully we will be all feeling good strong consistent movement soon!!  
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  • Second time mom, and I'm 14 +3 and I keep thinking in feeling flutters but they are up high so I can't tell if it's the baby or something else. I honestly don't remember how it felt when I first felt my son move. 
  • I'm 15w 4d and haven't felt any movement yet. I'm a ftm. I go to another ob appointment this coming week. 
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    16 weeks now with #2 & 3. Like @halfthetree, I've been feeling Baby A for a few weeks now. Usually 2-3 times a day, but some days (like yesterday), there's a half hour of lots of movements. Only yesterday did I feel Baby B move. And only Wednesday did I find out which side each was on--but all my movement has been on my left side, which is Baby A.

    It started the same as with my first pregnancy, like feathers (or when I'm overly romanticizing, angel wings ^.^) barely brushing over my skin. Now it feels like actual tickles, although it barely starts before it ends. Yesterday Baby A got in a kick that started like a tickle and then felt like a real (super light) kick. Musta been a good wallop. That's the only thing I don't look forward to. Love the baby kicks, but DD hammered on my cervix one night somehow--and oh, my bladder on multiple occasions.

    Yay for baby kicks :-D
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  • 15w3d... Baby #3, pregnancy #2... nothing consistent but last week I kept tossing and turning at night, couldn't sleep... sure enough, as I finally got out of my sleepy haze I felt definite movements and just soaked it all in.  Nothing really all that noteworthy since then other than a random single movement here and there.
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    16w5d #2 I have been feeling movement for a couple weeks. Today's was extra cool, because I felt some major movement while I was using the Doppler, it's like she/he was saying "get off of me"

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  • 16 weeks and baby girl kicked me (little pokes) 4 times today. Best Christmas present ever.

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  • 17+3 and starting to feel them a little more regularly. My first was an occasional roller and stretcher (16w first feel), my second was a crazy kicking man in utero (14w first feel), and this one is a sloth (15w first feel). Hopefully that will translate to a low-key kid since my others are (adorable) heathens. Lol
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  • @FSUNole31 - I had an anterior placenta with DS1 and suspect it with this one.  I was feeling movement more frequently a few weeks ago but now that the placenta has grown, I'm maybe feeling a movement a day.  The doppler has helped relieve that PGAL brain for sure.  Weren't we discussing dopplers in the PGAL thread?  I so recommend it!  (If not, sorry.  My memory is terrible.)

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  • @bornmommy I never pulled the trigger on the Doppler. I should have though!
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  • I'm 16w and a second timer (twins the first time) and I'm definitely in the minority. I didn't feel anything with my girls until 20+ weeks and I haven't felt anything this time either. 

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  • I'm 15 weeks (4th pregnancy) and I randomly feel flutters, nothing consistent. I didn't feel movement until 23 weeks my 1st, 19-20 with my 2nd and 3rd. I'm petite too! 5'4 and 115lbs :) Can't wait to feel stuff more consistently. It's weird bc I can SEE exactly where the baby is. 
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  • Felt movement with this LO (my 2nd) at 13 weeks. Have felt him/her twice since. Didn't feel DS til 19 weeks. 

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  • I am on baby #3 and have been feeling movements the past few weeks. It's hard, because they're not consistent, and I have PGAL brain. I am 16 weeks along, as of yesterday. 

    With my first, I felt at 20+ weeks, my second, 16+ weeks, and baby 3, 13+ weeks. I can't imagine feeling movements before that. I know what I'm feeling for, and they're so subtle. Like flutters, shifts, carbonation, or like I'm being tickled from the inside.
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  • So... I felt movements over a week ago and then would feel them every other day or so, now nothing... it is making me super anxious!!  I have been having the whole 'lightening crotch' thing... and if I'm remembering right that is when movements are downward/towards your cervix... but maybe it is too early for that?

    My next appt can't come soon enough as I don't feel pregnant and my movements have stopped  :(
  • I *think* I felt baby today! I'm only 15 weeks, so it's entirely possible it was something else. But it's right where the baby has been hanging out, and felt like the flutters I had with DD! 



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