Eating quicker? Normal or due to cold? Worried

Lo is 5 weeks today. He's always been a fast nurser. On average only eats for about 11-12 min and only takes one breast per feeding. He came down with a cold on Wednesday. Since then some of his feedings have been under 10 min. I try to get him to eat more but he won't. Not sure if it's the congestion or just him being quicker. 

He just slept 6.5 hours for the first time and then ate for just under 7 min. I'd think after that long he'd be starving and eat longer

Do you think it's the cold? Should I be concerned. Still peeing and pooping plenty

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Re: Eating quicker? Normal or due to cold? Worried

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    still peeing and pooping plenty: i wouldn't worry about it. being sick can affect one's appetite, plus it's harder for congested babies to nurse, so he is probably just trying to get the job done as quickly as possible. poor babe, hopefully he starts feeling better soon!
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    Mine always nurses for less time when he's sick.  It's hard to breathe and nurse at the same time.  As long as he's still producing please of diapers, I wouldn't worry
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