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10 Months Old Advice lactose intol9

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My daughter is a picky eater. I feel like I give her way to many bottles. But, I also give her what I eat too. What are some good foods at this age to give her?  And, how many bottles a day should I give her? She also is lactose intolerant.

Re: 10 Months Old Advice lactose intol9

  • How many bottles are you giving? 
    For snacks, we usually do fruits or veggies.  DS loves berries, apples, banana, avocado, sweet peas, and carrots.  Breakfast is usually either oatmeal with fruit, bagel or muffin.  Lunch and dinner we usually do what we're eating.  He likes fried eggs and soup.  We've done several types of stews since the meat gets tender enough for him to chew.  Sometimes we'll give him pasta with veggies.  We usually add cheese, but you could do without that.  He's had pesto and tomato sauce on his pasta as well.
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