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LO hates any food with texture - solutions?

So, our LO loves all types of food, veggies, meat, fruit, but it HAS to be puree.  We've been trying and trying to get her to eat table food and she just hates the texture.  Even the purees with chunks in them, she will spit out all of the chunks one by one.  I have tried smashing some food and putting on her plate or high chair and letting her pick it up, but she won't put them in her mouth.  She likes the little puff snacks that our pedi recommended for working on her pincer grasp a few months back, but she just lets those dissolve in her mouth.  She doesn't seem to get chewing and has no interest in trying to chew.  And literally, I can feed her pureed, organic sweet potato from a jar that has nothing else in it, and then offer her the exact same thing smashed up and she will. not. eat. it.

I am kind of afraid she's going to be a year old and refusing to eat food that isn't pureed.  :/  She's very stubborn!  Any tips?  

Re: LO hates any food with texture - solutions?

  • I sent this via PM but just in case anyone has a similar issue I figured I'd post here. I have a friend who is a speech therapist who specializes in feeding/swallowing for babies and toddlers. I copied your post and sent it to her and this was her response: 

    "Yep those are my kiddos! Sounds like a typical referral. I would have to see her and ask a million subsequent questions before giving any specific tips because it could be due to a number of reasons; sensory issues, muscle tone issue, range of motion, oral motor problem, or normal range "picky eating." I would encourage more stick shaped meltables like veggie sticks (placed on the sides of the mouth) and solids put in a feeder to encourage and practice chewing safely regardless of the cause. But depending on what else is going on could be influencing it."

    I realize that's not much help, but perhaps getting a referral to a local specialist could help identify what's going on if her eating doesn't improve on its own. Good luck!
  • My LO hated chunks at first too, but we just persisted and now he pretty much eats everything we eat, just smaller pieces. Rarely eats purees if at all. Took a while but he got over it!
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  • Thanks so much guys - we had a breakthrough over the holidays with Cheerios and peas, and that seemed to open the door to other kinds of table foods and textured foods, slowly but surely!  Seems like she just wanted to try it out with food she put in her mouth herself.  By last night she ate a little bit of everything on our plates , including chicken, sweet potato and cauliflower, as long as she fed herself, lol. Whatever works! :)
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