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For multiple vehicle families---would it be tacky or greedy to put two car seats on the registry?

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I think I already know the answer to this, but I thought canvassing some opinions couldn't hurt.

Speaking specifically of the convertible style that doesn't have the option of a second base to switch between.
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For multiple vehicle families---would it be tacky or greedy to put two car seats on the registry? 118 votes

Yes, this would be acceptable.
44% 52 votes
No, it seems tacky or greedy.
10% 12 votes
As a shower guest, I wouldn't care either way.
45% 54 votes

Re: For multiple vehicle families---would it be tacky or greedy to put two car seats on the registry?

  • I don't think it's greedy per say, as technically a registry is not a list of demands and you can always use the completion coupon towards the second seat.

    But I probably wouldn't put two on there myself, as I wouldn't feel comfortable.  
  •  I could already see all those eyes in the room "SHE GOT TWO CAR SEATS....What in the world?"   :)   

    I would say just put one car seat, and save up money for the other. I wouldn't want to look like I am taking advantage of their generosity. 

    Congratulation on your baby by the way. 
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  • no tackier than any other registry request!
  • I don't see why putting something you need on the registry would be tacky or greedy. If people want to buy it, then they can. If they don't want to, they don't need to.

    Example: we put a running stroller on ours while completely not expecting anyone to buy it. It would be a nice plus if someone did, but we're planning to purchase it ourselves after the shower if no one does. I'm using my registry as a list of things I'd like to have and we'll buy what we want/need after the fact if we don't get everything at the shower.
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  • I had two on mine. Granted, one was the convertible one like you want and the other was the travel system with infant car seat, but as PP has said a registry is just a list of wants. People don't have to purchase off of there. Honestly, if I saw you registered for two of the same seat I would assume you hit the button too many times. Not tacky. 

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  • I say go for it! I wouldn't think twice if I saw it and there's always the completion discount to think about.
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  • Just go for it understanding you may not get the extra seat because you never know what people will or won't buy for you!
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  • I've always viewed the registry as more of a checklist for the things that you will need for baby, and not necessarily a list of demands for gifts. I wouldn't side-eye it at all, but I'm also not looking at the car seat section of most people's registries anyway since they're out of my price point!

    FWIW, DH and I put two car seats on our registry. One was bought by a family member, and we used the completion discount to get the other one. I think it's worth it for that, at least.
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  • We used an infant carrier/carseat at first so I registered for the seat which came with one base and also a second base for the other car.

    We weren't sure what our car situation would be when we moved to the convertible seat, and wanted to specifically research and find seats that would work well rear-facing in our specific car models, so we didn't register for those.  DD was a June baby, so when our parents asked what to get her for christmas that year we asked each set to get us one of the convertible seats we had picked at that point...bc honestly a 6 month old doesn't need christmas gifts.

    I wouldn't think it was tacky to register for multiple seats if you already know what you want though.  If no one buys it you can use your completion discount and buy it yourself.  A registry isn't a list of demands, it's suggestions.
  • I would definitely say there is nothing wrong with it. I use a registry as a guideline for what I want/need and buy what is leftover. As stated, maybe someone will buy it if they can so nothing wrong with it.
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  • The registry isn't a list of demands.  It's a list of the things you plan on buying so that people can conveniently (hopefully) buy the things you want.

    If I saw a registry with 2 carseats I would assume the parents to be need one for each car.  Unless I'm going in with others, I don't usually even worry about big-ticket items like that.  But I'm not offended if I see a lot of big ticket items on a registry.
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  • IMO, you should be able to put whatever you'd like on your registry. If people don't want to buy you two car seats, they won't. If someone asks, you can explain, but personally I think being offended by that would be a bit goofy.
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  • If your really concerned about appearances, put one on initially then add the other just after your shower.  True it means nobody would be buying it for you, but you would be able to use the completion discounts/coupons to get it.
  • @jmpark01 This post is from nearly a year ago.  I'm going to bet OP doesn't need help on this topic anymore.  Always check the date of the post before commenting.  This Baby Showers section is super slow because most people just talk about showers in their BMB so there are lots of dead threads here.  usually best to just leave them that way.
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