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Induction & Drug Free Birth - Tell me about it

So, I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant with baby #1!  I had strong intentions of having a completely natural labor and delivery, but I was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia 3 weeks ago, and have been put on bed rest.  I've been told that I will likely have to be induced, and while in labor, will be put on a magnesium sulfate drip to prevent seizures.  Therefore, I will be stuck in the bed with no option to get into a tub, or move around to help deal with pain!  Has anyone had any luck with being induced and still managing to have the natural birth experience?

Re: Induction & Drug Free Birth - Tell me about it

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    Well whether getting an epidural or not, it would still be a "natural" birth. Getting drugs to ease the pain doesn't make it less natural, just not med free. Technically, since you're getting induced it's not med-free anyways. 

    Generally, induced labors are harder and more intense. I was induced for my first and the contractions were awful. Most people would say the same about induced labor. Whether or not you get an epidural is totally up to you and based on how well you handle the pain. It's rough, but I'm sure others have done it or maybe not had the time to get an epidural so had to forgo one. I will say this, try not to be disappointed by how birth goes. The only plan I try to have is the plan of what the baby and my body wants. Sometimes there are circumstance out of our control and you just have to go with the flow. It's easier said than done, especially for someone who has a vision of how birth will go, but in the end, if you and your baby are ok, then that's all you can really ask for.
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  • I was induced at 36+6 with my first for pre-e. I was determined to still have a pain med-free birth. It was very difficult and a very long labor (around 42 hours after they started the induction). I did end up having an injection of stadol around 30 hours in - which allowed me to get about an hour of sort of rest. 

    It can be done, but I have to say (Having had a non induced labor with my second) that the pitocin contractions are way more intense and it's not easy. I had my husband and a doula there to reinforce / reiterate my desire for no epidural. The nurses and doctors were very persistent in offering it, even after I repaeatly said no. 
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  • I was able to have a pain med free induction. I was maxed out on pitocin for several hours and contractions didn't really start up until they broke my water. From that point I gave birth in 4 hours. The contractions were truly excruciating to be perfectly honest. I was able to use the tub for pain management. Have you talked to your Dr about pain medications they have available besides an epidural? My advice would be to try to hold off as long as possible. When you feel like you can't do it anymore, you're almost there!
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