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Symptoms Thread 12/21

New week, new symptoms. Or maybe all the old ones back again. What are your Christmas week symptoms? 

Re: Symptoms Thread 12/21

  • I've still got the same old symptoms. Back pain, RLP, cramping, Braxton Hicks, exhaustion. These symptoms come and go throughout the week, but on Monday I had some intense back pain that reminded me of what it felt like to have the bladder/kidney infection while pregnant with DS. Luckily it went away, otherwise I would have called the Dr. With DS, it caused my body to go into shock and start contracting. I was about 34 weeks and 3 cm dilated.  :#
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  • I've been having pain and swelling in my right leg. I had an ultrasound yesterday to rule out deep vein thrombosis (blood clot). Apparently I don't have a clot,  but then...what? Sciatica?  Anyone with similar symptoms?  Advice? 

    A co-worker told me my issue stems from the fact that I often wear heels and/or skinny style pants. 
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  • I am starting to experience heart burn.  It doesn't even matter what I eat...I got it from drinking water the other day!

    @KirstinH88 hope the back pain doesn't turn into anything!
  • @KirstinH88 ack! I hope it's nothing for you either. And @thecavfamily glad it's not a clot but I have no idea what it could be. 

    My primary symptom this past week besides movement is heartburn. I had the worst heartburn of my life last weekend and thought my chest was going to explode. Haha. It lasted like an hour of burning agony and I really don't look forward to more of that. 

    Otherwise, I can feel my heartbeat a lot in various parts of my body more than I could pre-pregnancy but I think that's expected, with all the extra blood flow. 

    Also I'm constantly thirsty. Which may be partly pregnancy related and partly just how incredibly dry the air is. Nosebleeds a lot too, as a result. 
  • Been having all the usual symptoms but a new one is sharp stabbing pains in my boobs  :# it's not all day but randomly I'll feel like one of my boobs is being stabbed, like right in my nipple! Ouch.
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  • @HGRich I'm having the same thing where I can feel my heartbeat everywhere. It's almost loud in my ears when I'm going to bed!
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  • Just had some hip/pelvic discomfort for a few days.  Did a lot of walking over the weekend and ended up pretty sore and walking like I had been on a horse for a week straight. Otherwise, that's been it.  My back only hurts if I'm standing for a long time and don't pay attention to my posture - like I start leaning back too much.  I think I've kept the back pain at bay by sitting on a yoga ball at work.  I've been doing it for about 2 years now so it's forced me to stay pretty stable.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself.   :p  
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  • edited December 2016
    Hey ladies, I am 24 w 3 days. I've been having monthly u/s. Just cause baby has been stubborn. However, today caught my eye as well as the tech, and my doctor got involved. My fluid level is only at 8cm but was normal last month at 19wks. She seemed concerned, but not SUPER concerned. I am on my feet a lot of the day as I am a hairdresser in a VERY fast paced blowout salon, have clients on the hour, just about every hour for 9 hours a day. I keep hydrated mainly with water as I don't like much of anything else, with the exception of a cup of coffee some days in the A.M. I felt pretty crampy today dispute resting the rest of the day (5 hr's.) Until I had to make dinner for the rest of the family. I have a growing concern of preterm labor... Has anyone had/have a low fluid issue? 
    Its worth noting, this is my 4th pregnancy. 1st son I lost at 16 weeks, and I have 2 living sons ages 5 & 6 and NEVER experienced anything like this in the past...
  • I haven't had fluid level issues but I have heard that hydration play a role in fluid levels. When you go back to have it tested again drink two liters! of water. Also, do you know if the 8 cm was the maximum pool or just the index? 
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  • Not much change this week for me -had some bad kidney issues over Thanksgiving, but feeling a lot better. Just headaches now and then and they are awful! Lots of kicking from the baby though which is exciting :)
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  • @SDSwenson yeah....pregnancy can be gross. Panty liners are your friend. 

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  • @SDSwenson yep. I've already "graduated" to poise pads this go around. 
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  • @SDSwenson  I'm starting to have similar issues.  I'm assuming it is urine.  I understand your pain  

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