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Add Me to the December 2016 Mama List! *Updated*

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Good morning ladies! My water randomly broke around 1:30 AM my time while I was sleeping, and H and I headed to the hospital. Since I'm already 34 weeks the doctors won't do anything to prevent labor. LO and I are both doing great at the moment. I haven't had any contractions or major pain, so they are likely going to start me on pitocin soon. She could come as early as today, or in a few days depending on how labor progresses. I'll try to keep you all updated!
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Re: Add Me to the December 2016 Mama List! *Updated*

  • Oh wow! FX for a smooth delivery and healthy baby! Can't wait for an update. ❤️
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  • Good luck @ColeBug89, hope everything goes well! Xxx
  • Best of luck @ColeBug89. You can do it mama!!!
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  • Wow @Colebug89! Glad you're both doing well and good luck! Keep us posted!

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    Good luck @ColeBug89 ! Hope everything goes well ☺
  • Good luck, @ColeBug89
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  • Man, 4 PPROM ladies on this BMB, what are the chances?! Best of luck for a smooth and uncomplicated delivery. I'll be thinking of you and your little one!
  • Praying for a quick, uncomplicated labor for you! Go get it!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • Good luck!! 
  • Thinking of you and your LO @ColeBug89!!
  • Good luck to you and your LO @ColeBug89!
  • Ahhh! Thinking of you and hoping everything goes great!
  • @ColeBug89 Best wishes for a smooth delivery!  Keep us posted!
  • Wow! Good luck @ColeBug89!! I hope everything goes smoothly as you bring your LO into the world! 
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  • @ColeBug89 - Best of luck to you and your LO!
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  • Oh wow,  good luck to you and your little one!   Keep us posted! 
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  • Good luck! Keeping you and lo in my prayers today. Keep us updated!
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  • Wow, best of luck!!! Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery and a short hospital stay! :) 
  • Good luck! I hope everything goes well and that it's an easy and uneventful labor!
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  • Good luck today!  Thinking of you!

  • Thoughts and prayers for you and baby today!!
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  • Good luck with your delivery!

  • Glad you and baby are doing well!! Sending many good thoughts your way!
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  • Thinking of you and baby! Praying for a smooth delivery and good health all around <3
  • I'm just about 34 weeks (33 weeks 5 days). Things just got so real for me.

    so yeah, thinking of you @ColeBug89 and hoping for a smooth delivery and no complications.
  • Good luck! Hope labor goes smoothly. 
  • Oh wow! Good luck! 
  • Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery!!!
  • Hope everything goes well for you and your antsy little one! 
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  • Yowza palowza! Best of luck!

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  • Wow! Good luck, I'll be thinking of you all day!

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  • All the very best! Thinking of you and baby @ColeBug89!
  • @ColeBug89 Thinking of you, and hope labor goes smoothly!! What a holiday surprise! 

  • Thinking of you @ColeBug89 - sending positive thoughts for a smooth delivery! Can't wait for an update!
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  • @ColeBug89 thinking of you and sending good vibes!!! Guess you're getting a special gift this holiday!

  • Thinking of you and your baby, @ColeBug89, and wishing you a quick and painless labor. :) This is so exciting! 
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  • Sending all the good vibes, @ColeBug89!! 
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