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Early labor signs?

So I had a painful cyst for about a week. It was a pilonidal cyst that was very painful. They removed it yesterday (drained it) through a very painful process. I have had minimal pain meds. I lost my mucous plug this morning and have had cramping all day. Could the pain have started want labor? 
My hips hurt as though they are loosening, I can't sleep well if at all, stool is getting a little loose but not horribly so.... I'm 36wks and worried.
Has anyone else had this or something similar... Worried about healing time to...

Re: Early labor signs?

  • Probably not. There is a lot of discomfort and pain in the last few weeks. I lost my mucus plug and but ended up having to be induced 3 weeks later. Hang in there though 

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  • This thread is from December 2016, I doubt OP is still pregnant
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  • @meggyme she's spouting off some similar crap in first tri too. Gonna take a stab in the dark and say she's a troll. 
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