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Amazon Welcome Registry Box!


Re: Amazon Welcome Registry Box!

  • Mine shipped yesterday!  I am excited!
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  • I just got mine today and it had all the same stuff some of the other ladies got. Definitely a great deal!
  • Sounds like I'll try pampers to begin with.  You guys rock - thank you!
  • @kassyfry I got the same box as you! I love the hedgehogs!!!
  • My welcome box came in the mail today and it included all the same items as the rest of you ladies! I love that hedgehog muslin blanket!!!
  • Mine just came today! ❤❤❤❤ Thank you ladies for clueing me in on such awesomeness!!!
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  • Thanks to all of you ladies for this wonderful suggestion. Just got my box yesterday and received similar items to you all:
    - the gray hedgehog muslin blanket
    - A Pampers travel pouch with sample NB diaper and wipes pack (they must've run out of the changing pad)
    - Amazon sensitive baby wipes
    - Avent 4 oz. plastic bottle
    - Aquaphor sample packet
    - Aveeno baby lotion travel size
    - Oball O-copter  (Oball toy helicopter)
    And a bunch of coupons to receive discounts on other items.

  • Got mine today! Very nice! 

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  • Just got mine too, I think the swaddle alone is worth it! The pop top on my wipes pulled right off, so unless I love the wipes I know not to get those bags again. My daughter is probably gonna claim the pampers clutch. 

    Target also gives you a welcome bag for completeing your registry, I still have my first clutch from them and use it often! 
  • Thanks, @michaela0704! I updated everything and am eligible. Will be ordering soon!
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  • This isn't Amazon related, but I registered at target yesterday just to get the free goodie bag. I got a Avent bottle, pacifier, trial of wipes and clutch from Pampers, two types of lotion, breast pass and milk storage bags, a sample of laundry detergent, and tons and tons of coupons. I think it's worth it. Similar bag to what I got when I registered with my son two years ago. 
  • I tried to go get my Target goodie bag earlier this week and they were all out. :( 
  • Totally started a Amazon registry yesterday, marked all the categories complete, bought something for $10 and ordered my welcome box today! Will have to eventually go back and fill out the registry for real.
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  • After you make your $10 purchase does the box automatically send? 
  • @tmrussell no you have to wait for you $10 item to be marked as shipped, then go back to your registry and add the box to your cart and checkout :) 
  • @tmrussell no you have to wait for you $10 item to be marked as shipped, then go back to your registry and add the box to your cart and checkout :) 
  • DD has a birthday party for one of her classmates next weekend. I added his present to my registry and bought that to get my $10 minimum purchase met.

    Wish I would have know about this when I was expecting DD!!!

  • This encouraged me to complete my registry. I'm a FTM so it pretty much took me all day, but my box is on its way! I haven't bought very much yet so I'm very excited! 
  • Just ordered mine! So excited.
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    Mine arrived today! Thanks for giving us the heads-up! 
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  • Mine arrived today and has the same contents of the others.  My daughter wanted to run off with the helicopter!
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  • I got the box! Same as everyone else's. Love the muslin! 
  • I'm still sad I got a shit box from Amazon!! But I got the target one today. I got a bottle, nuk, up&up wipes, 2 honest company diapers with 10 wipes, plus some samples of lotion, butt paste, a boogie wipe, laundry detergent and also coupons I might actually use! 
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  • LAMCH1980 said:
    Mine arrived today! Thanks for giving us the heads-up! 
    This was my exact box.  I ❤️ That swaddle blanket!
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  • Mine is supposed to arrive Thursday! I hope I get one of the "good" boxes!! The Muslin blanket alone is worth it, the hedgehogs are adorable!! Thanks for cluing me in to this little gift!! :) 

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  • I'm trying to do this but don't see that I'll get the $35 gift card. 
  • NYCProf said:
    I'm trying to do this but don't see that I'll get the $35 gift card. 
    It should just change the price to $0 in your cart. 
  • @NYCProf there is no $35 gift card, I'm not sure what @Assiram42 meant by that. Normally your cart needs to be $35 in order to ship for free, but if you have prime it doesn't matter. 
  • When I got to the payment part, I had to select $35 credit as the payment type.
  • You also get a free e-book with the completion of an Amazon registry! Got mine for my kindle today!
  • I got my box today! I got the same nice box that nearly everyone else seemed to get - hedgehog blanket, Oball helicopter toy, wipes, etc. I was nervous that I wouldn't because they had run out of boxes when I tried to order! Hope everyone else gets a good box too! 
  • Got my box today as well, and it was also the hedgehog box! 



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  • Did you ladies receive your box in 2 days like usual amazon prime shipping? I can order mine now, but I'll be out of town for a few days so wondering if I should wait until next week. 
  • @MKRLTX no it took longer, it gave me a time frame though when checking out.
  • @MKRLTX Mine took about a week to arrive after I ordered it.
  • @MKRLTX Mine took a week.
  • Ordered mine today and btw it let me use my 2014 registry from DS2 which had already had purchases on it by me over the $10 amount to get the box. I didn't have to set up a new one :)
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  • Thanks all. I ordered it today!
  • I had the same as every one else. I am starting to have a "pile" in the soon to be nursery of stuff that I have been grabbing on clearance as on sale. I just need to order furniture just have to bit the bullet and make the big purchase! 
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  • I got the good box too. Thanks for the heads up!
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