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TW Tuesday

Who or what is your TW today?!
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Re: TW Tuesday

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  • my TW is my boss.  His Vikings aren't in the playoffs and he's been pissy ever since yesterday.  
  • My TW is someone in my team.  He is new, and a bit arrogant/overly familiar.  Quite young too - your typical "I know everything better than everyone else", entitled 20-something arrogant guy.  Every time he says something, I have to roll my eyes.  I am this close to telling him that I am not his mate and he needs to tone down...  :#
    We hired a guy just like this back in June. I just couldn't even deal with him. I would tell him how to do something and he would just stare at me with a blank face. Then when he would do the task, it was completely WRONG because he thought he was too good for my direction. Thankfully, he was only with us for about a month and then he left to go to a different department. Not sure I could have held my tongue with him during my pregnancy.
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  • My TW is a guy I work with. I walked into an emergency situation at 6am and he tells me I don't need to know what's going on bc the FBI could ask questions. Hey bro, it's my unit Id like to know if I'm in danger as well...asshat. 
  • wagnerw said:
    My TW is my coworker who told me I shouldn't shovel snow. Excuse me,  I think I know my limits more than you do. And scooping a little snow is fine. I'm still working out and lifting weights so small scoops of snow is fine. Thanks for your concern, but no. 
    I hate when people do this! Last week, one girl in another department (who I can't stand in the first place) literally ran toward me and ripped a case of water from my arms and kept saying that I couldn't carry it. These are like 6oz bottles of water, I think the case maybe weighs about 6-7 lbs and that's being generous,. I looked at her like WTF are you doing right now?? My kid weighs 35 lbs and I still have to pick him up every once in awhile, albeit not very frequently anymore, but I know what I can carry and can make it the 100 ft to my office with it! It made me crazy lol. 

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  • @wagnerw, haha I shoveled my driveway over lunch on Tuesday and kind of threw it in my hubby's face. I was perfectly fine to do it but at the end of the day after a crazy day at work I was really sore from everything. We were having a "discussion" about something and I said "did you even notice that your 5 month pregnant wife shoveled the driveway today?!?" He said he thought it had just melted off and then felt bad that I did it.

    I honestly probably should have just left it for him as it is a VERY sloped driveway and it was kind of slick and I am very accident prone so I am impressed with myself I didn't fall on my butt at all. I was just so tired of my van losing traction on the way up the driveway and almost not making it into my garage.

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