Nursing to Sleep or bottles when someone else does bedtime

So my LO is 15 months and I still nurse to sleep - it works for us and I plan to continue to do so until he weans. However, my question is when I am not home (whether because of work or DH and I are having a date night) and I miss bedtime and someone else (DH or sitter) puts him to bed they use a bottle currently with BM.  We have not been using bottles for quite some time now during the day, he stopped really on his own around his first birthday. So now we only use at bedtime when I am not there. When did you all stop bottles completely? Should I not be using at bedtime? How else - sippy? Any shared experiences would be helpful! thank you!

Re: Nursing to Sleep or bottles when someone else does bedtime

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    We stopped bottles just before 18 months. My daughter (now 2 1/2) was only having a bottle at bedtime. It took awhile but we eventually found a sippy cup she would drink milk out of so we were able to use that. I wasn't breastfeeding at that point though. We were just giving her cow's milk. I think we waited til 18 months because I was worried she would have a hard time with it but it went surprisingly well. Hope it goes well for you too!
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    We take sippy cups now during the day - no bottles.  Would she fall asleep on the sippy cup at bedtime?
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    No. We started a bedtime routine of readings books, having a small snack, and then my husband would sit with her until she fell asleep. Before that she would normally fall asleep with the bottle but she did okay going to sleep without it.
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