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  • ***Lurking***
    Congratulations  @CornchipLA!
    I came over from PGafter35 to see if your little one had arrived!!!
    She is beautiful!!! Xoxo
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  • Welcome to the world
  • Welcome to the world Vienna Grace!!!!!! Our little angel was born at 7:17pm on February 9, 2017 weighing in at 5 lbs 8 oz, 17 3/4 inches long. Small but mighty and fierce!! We are so in love with this perfect Peanut!

    CONGRATULATIONS to all mommas on here!!
  • Mr Filip was born 2/16/17 he weighed 6lbs 4.5oz and was 20in long. He was precious. I was induced at 6am on the 15th and he was born at 4:20am on the 16th. I dilated to 8 but my doctor didn't like that I hadn't progressed in over 3 hours and we went ahead with the c-section. Here he is now
  • Baby Girl showed up on 2/1, after 40 hours of induced labor due to pre eclampsia. But we made it to full term, 37+1. Almost a year late in posting, but her Name is Sophie-Lily and she is the smartest monster a mama could ever want.

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