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GTKY 12/19

Last week before the holiday weekend! What do you have planed? 

Re: GTKY 12/19

  • We spend Christmas eve with my family, Christmas Morning at home then in the afternoon go to my inlaws.  My family is small and so this year we are going to a Chinese restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner. We are all so excited to not have to cook anything, just relax and enjoy each other. After dinner everyone is coming back to our house for drinks and desserts. I'm making a bunch of cookies and a couple cakes. Christmas Day at the inlaws will be just like any other day there, boring with everyone looking at their phones. 
  • @Bok Bagok I love the idea of going out for Chinese! 

    DH and I alternate family each year. This year Christmas is with his family. We'll travel about four hours to see them. Our extended family celebration will be the 23rd at his grandma's house. Christmas Eve service with friends from when we used to live in that city, and then Christmas Day with just his parents and siblings. I have two days off work after Christmas and I plan to use them for just decompressing, commemorating my angel baby's due date, and preparing for the new year. 
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  • @BokBagok we are the same. My family Christmas Eve and in-laws on Christmas. Christmas Day is a long one bc we go to breakfast at the in-laws, then go see my mom for a bit bc it's just her that day, then back to the in-laws. Thankfully they live close! I'm actually starting to look forward to Christmas Eve, I have a 7 year old nephew and just turned 5 year old niece and it's hard to not catch the Christmas spirit around them. My in-laws are another story. It's all adults, super stressful due to a problematic brother-in-law, and they don't know yet about the pregnancy so I'll have to pretend to not be exhausted and nauseous! 

    I also usually go shopping with my mom the morning after for all the reduced Christmas stuff but I'm not sure I'll be up to it this year. 
  • Not sure if needed but- tww- kid mention below---

    We alternate every year and either go to my husband's side 90 mins away or my side which is only 10 mins away. This year we are going to his side and I'm thrilled. His family is small, his sister will be in Colombia with her husband and 2 yr old which stinks (my son is same age/ my kids love to play with him) but aside from that it will be low key and semi relaxing. I love my family but all my cousins are constantly pregnant and have 10 million kids and no fertility issues and I just can't handle that this Christmas. I'm too nervous this pregnancy might hit the fan because my past miscarriages, I'd rather be around his family this year, good loving people and sans 8 millions kids/babies. 
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