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Thoughts on flu vaccine?

I'm 7 weeks preggers. I got my degree in science and don't believe in the vaccine. Flu strains change annually thus vaccines aren't up to date. Anyway, I'm just curious if I should get it. Did you all get it? 

Thx. ☺
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  • Flu shots are strongly suggested for pregnant women because getting the flu while pregnant can be much detrimental to your pregnancy.
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  • I agree. Since the immunization is always created based on the previous years' strains, it doesn't entirely cover you for the current year. I've never had one before, but I'm probably going to get one now since it does cut down on *some* of the risk... and since the risk can be fatal, it's worth it, I guess. Can't hurt, at least, I think? Still, I'm torn. Most places, including my obgyn, are out of the preservative-free shots, though. And that's what I was told to get, so I might not even be given the option to get one. Let me know what you decide. 
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  • I will definitely be getting it, although I also work in a hospital where it is required of us. It's true that the vaccine is not 100% effective because it's based on the previous year's most common strains, but for the last few years, it provided protection from about half of the strains. Considering the risks of flu to your baby, I'd say that's worth it for the minor annoyance of a shot! 
  • I was wondering about this the other day and was directed to a non profit organization called mothertobaby.... don't know if anyone has heard of them. They seemed to have a lot of information online.
  • I got mine a few months ago
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