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Testing out miscarriage hcg/test darker again.

I had a d&c at 10 weeks Nov. 22. I did not have any bleeding after it, just a little brown one time. Anyways, a week ago I took a test ( almost 3 wks post d&c) to see if my hcg was down all the way yet, so i would know when to expect my first period. It was not, and i continued to test every other day so I could see when it finally became negative again. The test line did get lighter and lighter over the course of this week. On Friday the line was very light so I was thinking that it would be negative by Saturday. When I tested (smu) saturday, the line was darker than Friday's tests - matching my test from Wednesday. Is some fluctuation normal? Or is it even possible for me to be pregnant again without my hcg reaching zero, and then just starting to increase again? Anyone with similar experiences? TIA! 

Re: Testing out miscarriage hcg/test darker again.

  • Hi, I did the same self testing after my first MMC. Now, I didn't get pregnant before my first period,  it took us five cycles to get pregnant again.However,  I've never heard of fluctuating HCG levels while after a miscarriage, only declining.  So it's possible you are pregnant again. From past reading I'm pretty sure you can get pregnant again with HCG under 5? That's just off the top of my head and I could be totally wrong.  However, The fact you never got a clear negative test would keep my causious, because I don't think the home tests are sensitive enough to show a positive on very low HCG levels. I thought most only detected 25 and up. You can make yourself crazy trying to analyze this stuff. I know I did. I would just keep on testing and if they get darker call your OBGYN so they can start getting your betas. 
  • Thanks for the reply Bok Bagok <3  I know, I totally am driving myself crazy analyzing. Its so hard! I'm going to go pick up more tests tonight and see what they look like monday. I was thinking that it might have just been differences in how diluted my urine was? I'd be really surprised if I was actually pregnant again so soon. Mostly because a week ago my hcg was still giving me a fairly decent line on the hpt, so I don't think I ovulated. I just HATE this waiting game. I just want to know when my period is coming back. As weird as it sounds, having so bleeding with the d&c has made this whole thing feel unreal. I don't feel closure yet, and I can't think about anything else. Anyways, thanks for listening and responding :smile:

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  • Trust me I get it! It took me 9 weeks to get my period back after the first D&C I had. It was total torture! I was testing constantly and my OBGYN was not sympathetic at all. 
  • NINE weeks?! Ugh!!! That's awful! It's only been 4 since mine and I'm going bonkers. 
  • Well never mind. I ran out for more tests tonight and just took one and I'd basically count it as a negative. Hopefully that means my period is on its way soon.
  • checked it too soon. Still a faint line. UGH.
  • Such a roller coaster. Maybe you can call your OBGYN and ask for betas. 
  • After my second loss and d&c I started testing at 4 weeks to see if my levels were at zero yet. Every time I did the line would stay the same or get a tiny bit darker. I called my ob and she had me come in for blood work to see what my levels were and if they were going up or down. Well my rainbow baby is 6 months old now. I never thought it could/would happen so quickly. Best wishes and sorry for you loss! 
  • @TheFox&amp;TheSparrow I'm sorry for your roller coaster too. So frustrating. I don't have any advice though. I knew I wasn't pregnant again yet because we hadn't been having sex and I was lucky enough to get my period five weeks post d&c. I think I got a negative test for the first time about five days before that. That's all I know--I'm sorry for your limbo. It's so frustrating. 
  • After my MMC my dr had me come in for weekly blood tests until my hcg was 0, which took 4 weeks! I didn't get my period for another 6 so it can take awhile. 
  • @CPR79 it took 6 more weeks AFTER it went to zero?? oh my gosh i can't imagine waiting so long. I am such an impatient person to begin with but that must have been really difficult. My OB hasn't had me continue the betas, and with how much its cost us, i don't mind just using tests at home for now to test until they get negative again. 
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