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Are you guys doing stockings for your little ones?
We don't normally do them for my stepkids, because "Santa only fills one stocking, and divides gifts between the two houses."
We decided we had to do one for Birdie so they wouldn't wonder where hers was.
I ordered a personalized one for a huge discount on Pottery Barn Kids, and even though I bought a $3 stand-in for this year, it's supposed to arrive on the 23rd!
What are you filling yours with? I've got socks, a small stuffed animal, a Little People figurine, a bird ornament (her nickname is Birdie,) a new can of puffs and a box of teething biscuits. Trying to fill it on the cheap, since she doesn't care one way or another yet.

Re: Stockings

  • So far we have books and bath toys in hers. I'm going to buy her some snacks like puffs, yogurt drops etc too. I think that's all I'm really doing this year for her stocking. She's getting plenty of gifts but felt like I had to fill her stocking with some things. Like you said, they don't care one way or another! I should've just filled it with lint and she would've had a field day! 
  • My LO's stocking will have two little people and a wow cup. And maybe a mandarin. But my stepson knows Santa isn't real so we don't have to keep up any appearances.
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  • I'm a little kid at heart when it comes to Christmas and my husband and I only do stockings for each other so we decided our LO needed one.  We had tomuch fun buying stuff for Keaton. We got a movie from the $5 movies, a judy hoppes, nick wild, and mickey mouse stuffed animal, a slinky, a tiny basketball, a book a car, and a cute little bath buddy. We kind of went over board but oh well. =) 
  • I'm with @kodariah! Stocking are my favorite part! We're going doing snacks: puffs, yogurt melts, animal crackers, and then bath toys, socks, a sparkly tutu, hair clips or headbands 
  • @stephanienjer Birdie is my little girl's nickname too!  We've been calling her that since I found out I was pregnant.  
  • emzie54 said:
    @stephanienjer Birdie is my little girl's nickname too!  We've been calling her that since I found out I was pregnant.  
    Her name is Elizabeth, and it kind of spiraled from there. Elizabeth to Betty to Birdie. Our director of family ministries started it (he's a Mad Men junkie, and it's a nickname for Betty Draper,) and I love Hope Floats, so I didn't fight it. :)

  • carlyhammondcarlyhammond member
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    I got for Denvers stocking 
    a night light 
    a book
    new pacis
    boogie wipes (those are more for me
    a rubber duckie
  • @stephanienjer we almost named her Elizabeth because we were calling her Birdie and knew they went together.  I love Elizabeth and all the different nicknames that come with it!  We named her Violet but still call her Birdie (or Bird or Bird-o) from time to time.  
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