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High Blood Sugar

Hello fellow mommies/mommies to be :) 

so this is my first pregnancy...I'm around 7 weeks, and yesterday I took the glucose test to check if I have diabetes. It was kind of a nightmare; I've been extremely nauseas and I hadn't eaten a meal because I couldn't keep anything down (I now know that I shouldn't do that after talking to my doctor yesterday afternoon - not good for the baby and makes the nausea worse). Kudos to the moms who pound that drink - I took the full five minutes! 

Anyways, I had a hard time keeping the glucose down (or whatever that orange drink is), but when the hour was finally up I was super proud of myself (it's the little things lol!)...I thought I wouldn't have to do it again for another couple of months. 

Turns out, my blood sugar was 150 when it's supposed to be around 130-135 (I forgot the exact number). It's not high enough to be diabetes, but high enough to raise concern for the baby :(. I've had high blood sugar issues before, but obviously I never had to worry about a little precious baby, only myself!! I have to go back in tomorrow and do a 3 hour glucose test...which I'm not looking forward to, lol. 

So, the reason I'm posting this is...are there any mommies out there who also had/have high blood sugar? Were you able to do anything to lower it to a healthy level? ( I ask because I really haven't been craving anything dessert-y for this whole pregnancy...I've probably had 1 serving of something sugary this whole pregnancy, so I'm not sure if it's food related or again, something I've always struggled with). Also, did it affect you or did you not notice it until a doctor said something? Obviously I'll ask my doctor all of these questions, but I'd love to get some opinions from some first hand experiences. 

My apologises in advance if I sound naive...again, this is my first pregnancy, I'm learning as I go along. :)

Thank you in advance! 

Re: High Blood Sugar

  • How did the 2nd test go?
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