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Normal Gross Boy?

This morning I awake to find that my 5 year old had diarrhea last night.  I was up at 2:30A with the baby and noticed the 5 year old went to the bathroom but then went back to bed like nothing happened.  This morning, 4 hours later, I discover he had diarrhea at 2:30A, decided not to say anything to me and just went back to bed and slept.  He had poop all down his leg and on his feet, therefore it was all in the carpet the entire path back to his bed.  Is this normal behavior or should we get him evaluated for something?  As background, he has always been the dirtiest of my children.  He potty trained last and doesn't notice if his nose is running or food is falling out of his mouth.  So part of me says this is just his personality that mess doesn't bother him but I just want to make sure I'm not missing if there could be something wrong with him.  Even my younger children will tell me they pooped or had an accident.  When our children have accidents, we don't shame them or discipline them.  We just clean them up so I am baffled as to why he would not say anything!  I am not really concerned that he had an accident but why didn't he say anything?

Re: Normal Gross Boy?

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    Sounds like he just wasn't feeling well.  Plus, he's only five.  If you're really starting to get concerned, you could always ask his pediatrician.

    Do you have mostly girls or something?  

    Please don't get overly offended, but you sound pretty negative about your son in general and that can be pretty devastating for a young child.

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  • Yep, normal. It was 2:30am, he was exhausted, sick, and out of it. He may have told you if it had been during the day. For comparison,  my 8 year old, who was probably a bit more hygienic than most until he started school but otherwise about average, has wet the bed, taken off his undies then slept in the wet bed. It was a few days before we went close enough to his bed and noticed the smell and cleaned it up. Also, if he gets up to pee in the middle of the night, if he's overtired he'll pee in random places (the hamper, his toy box, the couch, his trash can). He'll go through the actions- lift up the "seat" (though it may be the couch cushion or toy box lid), wipe himself (though he may use his hand towel or a piece of paper), wash his hands (without turning the water on or just miming the movement), and go back to bed (though he has crawled into the bathtub). All this has decreased as he gets older, but it's normal and still happens every 6-9 months or so. Kids do weird things, especially if they're sick or tired. So that one event wouldn't concern me.

    Is there anything else he does that contributes to your concern that there's something wrong with him?
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