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Enfamil vitamin D

Having kind of a panic moment -- has anyone else been using the enfamil d-vi-sol vitamin d for their baby? I just went to reorder some (we've been using it since our son was born and he's 10.5 months now) and saw some terrible reviews about the ingredients in it. I can't believe I never saw these/researched this out before! A lot of the ingredients are artificial, like caramel color, and I'm reading reviews by people saying the ingredients are cancer causing. I can't tell if I'm panicking over something small (not getting much sleep these days -- baby is teething!) or if this is legitimately something bad for my baby. I'm usually so careful about what I give him so I'm feeling pretty awful about missing this. I'm hoping someone else asked their pediatrician about this or knows something about food additives and can tell me this isn't a big deal! 
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