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Sippy Cup

She wants nothing to do with it! She doesn't want water from it or her formula. Is your LO drinking from it yet? She also never drinks water, not even from her bottle or just a cup. Any advice on trying to get her to drink water from her sippy cup? 

Re: Sippy Cup

  • What sippy cup are you using? I tried many, i settled for "mam" brand-8 0unce trainer bottle. It has very soft spout. Nothing else there is found with soft spout. We then moved to " miracle 360 sippy cup" ... she loves her miracle sippy!! Drinks water from it, not milk yet. I usually give plain water or the water I get straining boiled apples for her apple sauce. She loves the apple flavoured water more tho! Goodluck.
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  • We use the miracle 360 mostly, but DS will use pretty much any spouted cup as well.  He been obsessed with cups from the beginning and was always trying to grab ours to drink from them.  Now he's almost completely weaned himself off of bottles and drinks also all his milk from supplier as well.  
    Can you try mixing the water with something to make it a little more interesting?  Maybe that would help
  • Have you tried a straw cup yet? We have a couple soft spout sippys he doesn't seem to mind but prefers his straw cup for sure! It's by playtex. 
  • We tried the Nubby 3 stage trainer and it was okay. LO would still make a mess with it. We tried the Munchkin straw sippy and she loves it!

    So far she's only taken water from it. We tried breast milk in the Nubby one and she wanted nothing to do with it. We haven't tried milk yet with the straw one. 
  • We also only tried the nubby and she hates it! I have to try the other ones you guys mentioned. It's all trial and error right! 
  • Any advice teaching a baby to drink from a straw? my daughter just treats it as another chew toy! 
  • Straw cups have worked much better for us than sippy cups. Contigo makes a really nice one that my guy loves to drink from. Some days he loves his water and some days he couldn't care less! He also likes to take sips out of regular cups but that makes a huge mess
  • @ekscopp One of my friends used a squeezable straw cup with her LO at first. When she squeezes, water comes up through the straw. She said her LO caught on very quickly!

    With mine, my husband had a straw in his mouth when we gave David his straw cup the first time. He showed him by sucking on it and saying "mmmm" while he did it. I don't know how, exactly, but LO got the idea!
  • @ekscopp I think I taught mine by accident! lol I always drink water with a straw all day and one day put the straw in the water and put my finger over the top so it trapped the water in if that made sense and would give him some that way like dropping it in his mouth. He thought it was fun and eventually started sucking on the straw when I was giving it to him so I tried a straw cup and he caught on pretty fast! 
  • Ok, thanks guys. I guess I just have to be more persistent with trying. She takes to the sippy well, but I heard it's good to get the used to a straw or cup instead in the long run.
  • I second the Munchkin sippy cup with a straw! LO loves the novelty of drinking out of a straw. I have to make sure to give her the sippy at the END of her meals because she loves it so much. She would rather drink out of her cup than eat her food. 
    @ekscopp, I also taught my LO by sucking on the straw (in a VERY exaggerated way) and saying, "mmmmm." LO picked it up right away.
    I drink a green smoothie every morning, and LO is so fascinated by it that I think it was the incentive to get her drinking out of a straw. It's pretty cute seeing her suck down my smoothie every day! And hey, bonus...she gets LOTS of veggies that way. 
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