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  • Following @buddzynb's question. I normally wear Lily of France from Kohl's and need new ones.
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

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  • Those of you that have worn maternity clothes in the past, do you wear your normal size in maternity dresses? I'll be going to the Kentucky Derby in May and will probably need a maternity dress for that. I saw a dress online from Loft maternity that might work, but didn't want to order the wrong size. So if I'm usually a medium, should I still order a medium?
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  • @Kathryn0903 The only place I've really shopped has been Motherhood but I know they say to go with your pre-pregnancy size. I will say my belly grew to an enormous size in my 3rd trimester and at that time my pre-pregnancy-sized maternity clothes weren't doing the job lol. I think if I had a smaller bump I would have been fine. I'm thinking in May you should be good in your typical size. But not everybody gains the same way or in the same places so it's hard to say once you get into the later months. I also swelled up like the Michelin man which made everything quite uncomfortable. Thank goodness this time it will be warm so flowy dresses and sandals it is!
  • @middy411 Thanks, that helps a lot!
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  • I've bought new bras already, but just sports bras that can stretch more as I grow. 

    This is my 4th baby, and my daughter is only a year old, so I *may* already be living in my maternity leggings... 
  • I was in maternity pants by 16w with my first and probably 12w with my second.  My work pants that I had stopped wearing months ago because they were loose on me pre-pregnancy are now getting too tight at 9.5 weeks so I either need to find my Bella band, start wearing maternity pants or just stick with dresses and skirts.  I have a bunch of Amelia dresses and Cassie skirts from LLR that are still very comfortable and hide the huge bloat.  

    When I break out the maternity clothes, I have things from Motherhood Maternity (mostly work stuff), Gap, Old Navy and a couple of things from Target and Loft.  I got a lot of it on sale, but I also had to splurge on suits at a Pea in the Pod because I needed them for work and couldn't find any at other stores.  I definitely prefer the full panel pants especially as I moved towards the 3rd trimester. I have maternity clothes in 2 different sizes because I started out my second pregnancy 25 lbs lighter than my first and this time I'm 10 lbs lighter than my second.  I was also due in the winter with my first and summer with my second so I needed some different things anyway.  I also received a bunch of casual clothes from a friend when I was pregnant with my second.  I doubt I'll need to buy anything this time around except either a reasonably priced dress or one to rent for a wedding in July.  I already went up a cup size by 6 weeks, but I had larger bras from before.  If I outgrow those, I'll look at Target for cheap bras.
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    @oriole2017 and @southernmama15    I have regular le is amazing. I will be switching to maternity soon. Way better than stitch fix. Stitch fix you have to buy what you wear, le tote is just rental. It has been great. I usually get 3 boxes a month, and I have kept one or two pieces. I love that as I get bigger I can go up in size but am not buying anything I can't wear again. Le tote is awesome.
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  • I went to Soma for larger bras and also bought a few really stretchy champion sports bras from target. I'm usually a Victoria Secret girl but Soma definitely caters more towards comfort and coverage. 
  • PSA:. Target cartwheel has 20% off maternity on its app through today.  

    Has nyone try stitch fix for maternity yet?  I will be looking into Le tote too.  
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  • @Lauradi1010 I really want to try stitch fix for maternity. I'm not showing yet, so I'm trying to hold off until I'm actually showing some and need maternity clothes.

    I did buy a maternity dress from Loft to wear to the Kentucky Derby in early May. Btw Loft has a 40% off sale currently if anyone is interested.
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  • Lauradi1010Lauradi1010
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    I am starting to show a little and all my pre-maternity pants are a bit snug.  My prior maternity clothes are all summer/ fall.  I was hoping stitch-fix had some nice skinny jeans that were not crazy.  I may try it just for fun.  I tried Old Navy for skinny jeans, but they were about 6 inches too long.  Can't understand why they don't make short maternity jeans.  

    Thanks for the Loft tip.  I love Loft!  
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  • @Lauradi1010 I think maybe Motherhood has short maternity jeans. I'm not 100% but I do remember seeing regular and long on their sizes so I would assume they carry short too. I just wasn't being observant at the time lol
  • The only thing I've bought so far, but desperately needed from about 7 weeks when I outgrew all my bras, we're some maternity bras. I didnt/don't know how much bigger I'm going to get (10w now) so I got cheap ones. I would definitely but these  again, though! They are soft enough to sleep in,too
  • @dinofreak I bought a very similar 4-pack and love them too! Mine didn't come with an extender though so I'll need to get one of those. My thin work blouses will show all the lines and seams on nursing bras right through them so I can't totally ditch my VS underwire :(

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  • What are you guys thinking for swim wear? We swim once a week and I'm needing a new suit now and I'm wanting to get one that I can wear through my pregnancy. I'm so toren between a one piece or a two piece (tankini).  
  • Molly1108 said:
    I wasn't in maternity with my first for a while either but I should've just switched! The belly band is cool and all but maternity pants are so comfortable haha. I would try to look for stretchy/elastic waist type of things that you can also wear post partum(especially if you plan to return to work because you probably won't be back in your regular stuff). I agree with buying used, I see so much in local Facebook groups for maternity clothes. Look for a local moms Facebook group and put out an ISO post? 

    Related- anyone planning to do stitch fix maternity? I did it with my last when it was brand new and I was disappointed but my friend had some luck. There is apparently a stitch fix maternity BST group too! 
    I did a fix last August. I LOVED everything. I still wore each piece when I was back into regular clothes. 
  • @kodariah I waited till the last minute to get a suit during my last pregnancy and wound up getting a black maternity bottom at target and a regular top with underwire.  I was a lot skinnier last pregnancy, though. I have a couple friends that got cute tankinis last summer at motherhood.  
  • Just ordered my stitch fix maternity box! They sent me a promotion where they would waive my styling fee!
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  • Is there a good time to start buying maternity clothes? I'm 14 weeks and am ok in my current clothes, but don't want to pop one day and have to buy a ton at once. Should I start stocking up on some things now or wait a little longer? I understand it's probably different for every one.
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  • @Kathryn0903 I think you'd be ok to get a couple things now.  I started wearing them around 14 weeks last time.  You buy your normal size for the most part. It's kinda goofy, but at motherhood, they have a little fake bump in the dressing rooms so you can try it under the clothes and see how they will look with a bump.
  • @Kathryn0903 I would do it now! I bought maternity clothes around Xmas and I wear them now, mixed with regular clothes. seriously has good plain tees for cheap. Luckily, I'm a nurse and my attire can consist of plain tees and scrub pants! And on days off I wear leggings. So really I don't even need to buy that many clothes 
  • Good to know! Maybe this week, I'll start getting a few things to stock up on.
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  • I've been doing le tote for a few months, in a week or so I'm switching to maternity version.  Still have access to all non maternity but opens up all the maternity clothes as well. Just hit 14weeks and between the boobs and the after lunch bump I'm definitely looking to have a bit more room. 
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  • I bought some maternity jeans on clearance and once I tried them on I knew I wasn't going back until forced.  Why do other pants exist?  These are so comfortable!

    Seriously, I figured a couple of pairs of jeans would at least get me through the first little bit since I tend to wear loose tops.  I would go ahead and get a few things so you're ready when stuff expands all of a sudden.
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  • I bought a few free people and top shop tops from Nordstrom that I'm hoping could be non maternity some day as well, although I feel like once I'm back to my normal size I don't want to wear anything tent-like. I like the concept of Free People tops though so we'll see. Would love to see any other ideas people have of what works as maternity and beyond.

    As this is my third pregnancy I have maternity jeans from Gap, Target, Motherhood, H&M and AG. The H&M jeans are by far the best and only $35. They weren't even too long for my 30 inch inseam needing self. The AGs are a runner up but were $200 and not as soft where the panel meets the pants.

    Work clothes are a totally different story. I still haven't found maternity work clothes I love. I'm going for ponte a-line dresses this time around I think, but putting them on repeat gets pretty noticeable! All work pants sag horrifically in the butt.

    photo is H&M super skinny jeans from 2014 and an H&M tank. I love their maternity tanks too, they run slightly small and can be used nursing. Shirt on right is one from free people. Lots of fabric around the mid-section to expand into

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  • I am having a hella time trying to find appropriate maternity clothes for work. I need business stuff (not business casual) and Loft maternity has like 1 pair of crop pants that may work and that's all I've found. I can't come to work in leggings and a long top which is most of what I've seen. Anyone have any suggestions for professional maternity outfits? I could do dresses as long as they have sleeves and are long enough. Thinking of trying stitch fix for maternity but I don't want to spend a fortune.  
  • mrsjqg1024  I am in the same kind of environment. I plan to just get 5 shirts at MM and re-wear them every week for the last few months. As long as I'm professional nobody cares how often I wear the same outfits. I'm in a 95% male office anyway and I don't think they pick up on that at all. As far as pants go, I know NY&Co has some stretchy waist slacks that are more like yoga pants in the waist but fit like slacks. I plan to go try them on once I have a real bump and see how comfy they are. They won't have a panel like real maternity pants but if they are comfy enough I could wear them post-partum too! Winwin. Good luck!
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  • @budzynb Thanks for the advice! I work for a fed agency also with 95% male so I also don't think they would notice if I re-wore the same exact stuff every week :) And I'm hoping that as long as I can put a suit jacket with my outfit, it will dress anything up. 

  • @mrsjqg1024 I bought a couple of high-quality dresses and one pair of quality black Isabella Oliver pants from Nordstrom, then paired everything with great shoes, a scarf, a (non-maternity) blazer, and maternity t-shirts.  It did the trick!
  • @mrsjqg1024 - I just bought a pair of maternity dress pants on sale from macy's. They have a bunch of motherhood maternity ones (and others) BOGO 50% off. They're $30-$40 but you could end up with 2 pairs for $50-$60 total.

    I'm business casual except for 2-3x a month when I have outside meetings so I just bought one pair and plan to make it work. You can definitely rewear black dress pants on back to back days so you may only need 2-4 pairs total for every day use.

    I have some loose fitting dress tank tops that I can wear a blazer over, planning to go unbuttoned once I have to. Then, once those tops don't fit, planning to have a few solid color maternity tanks + non-maternity blazer + some kind of necklace to style it. This is easier than investing in work tops to me for a total of 15-20 days during pregnancy, but not sure i'd want to wear a blazer every single day if I was in your situation.
  • Anyone have advice for a maternity swimsuit?  I figure a good portion of my days will be spent in the pool this summer and I'd like to look decent, but still be comfortable! Has anyone started looking?  Or STM, do you have any advice on great brands?

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  • As far as swimsuits are concerned, I did really like my tankini from Motherhood Maternity.  That was the only one that I bought though and used it during 2 pregnancies.
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  • And the start of maternity clothes has started. Lots of cute stuff from Motherhood! @caity024 motherhood has some swimsuits in stores now.
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  • I've been eyeballing some of the bathing suits on Asos. The cutest ones are low back, which will look oh-so-hot with all my pregnancy induced back breakouts. 

    As for formal work clothes- gap online has some work trousers that might work for some of you. Even old navy had some cute looking work pants that might be passable when paired with a blouse and blazer.

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  • I keep getting notifications from this thread and I'm glad to see it still going. Keep growing those babies, ladies!!  :)
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

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    Has anyone purchased from this site? They weren't around during my last pregnancy but the clothes are CUTE!
    Just wondering if anyone has experience and recommendations on the quality and customer service.
  • @belmont1785 I have ordered a few shirts from them. Alll good quality. They are stretchy material. Came quickly. Haven't dealt with customer service so no thoughts there. Expensive but they have deals and clearance all the time. I have bought all the shirts in small when I'm usually a small to medium (most my nonmaternity shirts are mediums from target)
  • @brookedeyo
    Thanks! I'd rather pay more for good quality. So that's good to know!
    I'm definitely going to try a couple outfits from there.
  • @belmont1785  Zulily has a lot of things from Pink Blush at a discount.  I will say shipping is slower than a herd of turtles running through peanut butter, but Zulily customer service is wonderful!  I received a shirt that was damaged, and despite it being final sale, they are sending me a replacement, i don't have to return the damaged one and they gave me a $10 credit.

    The quality is nice and its super stretchy.  I can't wait to wear them once this snow goes away!
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  • @Mango517 asos has such cute stuff! I got a nice black dress from there for a charity event during my last pregnancy and was super pleased with it. 
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