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  • I have an appointment with the midwife on Thursday. As far as I know I should be getting the results of my gestational diabetes test. Won't lie I'm kind of nervous.

  • My 32 week appointment was today and pretty uneventful. Everything was good, but my Dr had a hard time getting a clear sound of the heartbeat at first. She turned the box up, so it would be louder, then she ended up finding a good spot and the box was blasting the swoosh swoosh sound lol
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  • As of this morning...

    31 weeks. Both babies are head down and putting pressure on my cervix. I'm dilated to a 1 and contracting. 

    Complete bedrest besides going to bathroom. Nifedipine pills every 6 hours to relax the smooth muscle (uterus). Steroid shot in the butt today and tomorrow. Cervical check every time.

    I don't know why I'm emotional over this. :( I pretty much knew it was coming. 

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  • @HeatSparks sorry about the bed rest and the shots! But yay to head down girls! Are they thinking they're going to try to induce in a few wks or just keep them in as long as possible?
  • @HeatSparks I'm thinking of you. I know it's terrifying, but even 31 weekers do very well (trust me, I've done my research!) Are you able to be at home? Also, the steroid shots burn like crazy but I hear they make a huge difference.
  • Thinking of you @HeatSparks! But glad to hear they are both head down vs breech. Hopefully you can stay at home and keep them in a little while longer!
  • @HeatSparks Sorry about the bed rest! I will be praying your girls keep on cooking for quite a while longer!
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  • HeatSparks!
    I had my 33 week appointment today and DD is fully transverse and bum up :( It's a waiting game now!
  • @HeatSparks Thinking of you, girl!  And I just want to echo PP that most 31 weeks babies do really, really great.  My mom delivers several emergency-C's every week, and most of them are 28-32 weeks, and she says that they really and truly do great.  
  • Thinking of you @HeatSparks! Echoing PPs, 31 weekers usually do extremely well! Hell, my sister's was born shy of 26 weeks and she's doing great, even. If it's added consolation, premature girls tend to be hardier than premature boys (I know that sounds like a myth, but the NICU nurses that dealt with mu niece, as well as my sister's pediatrician friend, said it's statistically true). Though at 31 weeks, most babies do great regardless.

    Sorry about the bedrest, but I hope your girls stay in for a few more weeks!
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  • @HeatSparks I'm sorry that you are feeling emotional about the situation. Again 31 weeks is still such a good number! My cousin was born at 32 weeks and has done great from day 1. I hope the girls can stay put for a little while for you, but it must be good to know that they are both head down! I'll be thinking of you guys! :)
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  • Thinking of you @HeatSparks! Hang in there and keep us posted. They could still stay out a while and either way they'll be in great hands. 

  • Thinking of you @heatsparks
  • Aw @HeatSparks im sorry to hear that youre on bedrest now. Fingers crossed those 2 little girls stay where they are & grow some more before making an appearance! Xxx
  • Aw, thinking of you @HeatSparks.  Bedrest stinks,  but 31 weeks or more is great for b twins!   Hang in there! 
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  • Thinking of you @HeatSparks!! Sorry to hear about the bedrest. You and babies hang in there!
  • Sending positive vibes your way @HeatSparks! I hope your girls stay put for a while!
  • Thinking of you @HeatSparks ! Hoping your girls stay put for a while and that you find some good TV to binge watch!

    Just got back from my usual OB check up - the first of the every 2 week schedule. Everything was boring and normal which is good. Measuring "right on track!" per usual. I mentioned the cramping I've been having and her ears perked a little but but she checked my file and said since the other Drs didn't have a problem with it and I haven't been bleeding, that she isn't concerned. She really pushed for us to take labor and/or newborn classes. We want to, but we are only able to do the free ones and they don't really fi tinto our schedule.

  • @HeatSparks - sending good thoughts your way! 

  • @heatsparks : I think January is a great first Goal :) 

  • Had my 30 week appt today with a fill in OB. She was nice and the appt was over quickly but I much prefer my OB

  • Add me to the list of preferring women OBGYNs. More because they have been there and I like that. My fertility doctors were men, which I think is more common. While I liked them and was fine with them, I didn't realize how much I liked having a woman until I changed back to my OB. 
  • @winchestergirl i had a new midwife this week and she told me I was gaining too much and lectured me for awhile! That has never happened to me before this pregnancy or the last. I'll take my old MW back please. 
  • @homemake Yeah, that sucks! Can't we just keep the people we already liked?! It really was not a great first impression of the new doctor for me. I felt like he was trying very hard to be personable, but I just... was not a fan. Judgy and making me second guess my weight? Boo hiss.
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