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Calling all pregnant-again moms!

I'm so excited to see all of the pregnancy announcements! I'm not too interested in my BMB for the new baby and, like most of you ladies, I've been on this board since I was about 6 weeks pregnant with my daughter so I thought it would be nice to do a monthly or even weekly thread to check in on each other and see how our January LOs are handling our soon-to-be new additions!

How far along are you? I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow! My due date is April 24.

How did you react when you found out when you were expecting again? How did your SO react? I had mixed emotions. I've always wanted my babies close together but I didn't think they would be THIS close together. My SO couldn't stop smiling when I told him. He loves being a daddy!

Has your LO been acting differently towards you since you've been pregnant? My DD has always been a daddy's girl but now she is crazy about me and wants nothing to do with SO. It's sweet but it's hard because she wants to nurse all the time now!

Re: Calling all pregnant-again moms!

  • Hi! 
    I just found out I'm pregnant. Due in August! I am nervous but excited as well. I didn't think I would conceive easily this time around either!
  • Hello! I am 14 weeks pregnant and we are having a girl this time! We were both super excited when we found out we were expecting again. We were trying so it wasn't that big of a surprise! My son is defiantly a mommy's boy still, but there are days where he acts funny and wants daddy more. And I am okay with that! This mamma is super tired at the end of the day! 
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  • I'm getting faint lines!! :D testing early but they are there! This would put my DD 9/28/17 - yippeeee!
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    I had a miscarriage in July  and then I found out a couple months ago that I am due July 15th! Pretty exciting!
  • @BabyBump2 congrats! Violet was born almost exactly one year after I miscarried. Funny how that works out
  • My bubs that I had in January, I was induced on the day I miscarried. And that's how it will be this time as well..so weird. 
  • I just found out we are expecting again!  I have only had 2 kind of periods and after talking to my nurse and we are thinking I am about 6 weeks....i am going in for blood work and that this week so we will see! I can not believe how many emotions I have right now. Congrats to all you other mamas and praying for a happy and healthy 9 months!!
  • How is everyone doing? Is anyone else still nursing while pregnant? I'm 20 weeks now and fortunately the nipple discomfort that I had for several weeks is gone for now. I am starting to wonder about all the logistics of two under two, but I suppose we'll all figure it out! 
  • @kaym6 I would like to continue. He recently started sleeping through the night and seems to be in the process of dropping the one after his second nap, so we're down to 4 or 5 sessions per 24 hours now. Baby 2 will arrive when this one is 17 months. I think at that point if he's still nursing once or twice a day it would be great, but I'll leave it up to him! What do you want to do? 
  • Pregnant again as well! Only 12 weeks now, due in early September; however, we are just going by size on the ultrasound since I didn't have a period. We were/are kind of freaked out. It wasn't planned but maybe it's better just to get them out now rather than spreading it out! I'm also sad. I am not ready for my little girl to not be my baby baby. But that may just be coming from how big she is now. Definitely a toddler! 
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