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Hi all,

I've lurked this board a lot and am loving the information. Would anyone mind looking at what I currently have and am planning to get and tell me if you think it's enough? I'm fine washing ED as my H works from home and I'm a grad student who also works from home a lot. I also know babies poops and pees varies, but overall I'm hoping for some feedback!

Here's the plan:

- Will purchase 12 nb prefolds from GMD
- Have 2 Rumparoo covers
- Will buy 1 more Rumparoo and 3 Thirsties for a total of 6 nb covers
- Will buy 5 workhorses from GMD
(so 6 nb covers & 12 prefolds & 5 workhorses)

After the newborn stage:
- Have 6 Grovia hybrid covers
- Will purchase 10 GroVia inserts
- Have 4 BestBottom hybrid covers
- Will purchase 10 BestBottom inserts
- Have 1 AIO (came free on Black Friday)


Re: CD stash

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    So 17 diapers total for the NB stage?  Should be fine if you are planning to wash every day. I had 24 NB prefolds and 3 NB workhorses and washed EOD - never even came close to running out! We did have three wool covers for night time though. 
    I also had 6 NB covers and it was perfect. 

    I continued to use Blueberry covers and GMD prefolds after the NB stage, so I'm completely unfamiliar with the products you mentioned!
    But I have 24 small (yellow edge) prefolds, 24 medium (red edge) prefolds, a bunch of hemp doublers, and 6 size 2 Blueberry covers for the after NB stages, and it's been great! We aren't in size large yet, so still waiting to see how long this current setup will last. 
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    Thanks so much, @ladylolly89! I'm starting to realize I didn't even plan for overnights :) They hybrids are just covers with snaps on the inside that a soaker attaches to. Kind of a mix between a prefold/cover and an AIO :) I may toy with just getting bigger prefolds for after the nb stage instead of the inserts (which are much more expensive, but more convenient). We'll see! Thanks, again!

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    I guess my only concern with using inserts as opposed to a prefold would be...what stops the poop from getting on the inside of the covers? DS still had pretty runny baby poops up until 5-ish months, and the only thing that kept them contained and the covers clean was a jelly-roll folded prefold. I tried just doing a pad folded prefold in the covers, but it was far too messy. A much slimmer fit, though! Now that his poops are solid I might try it again. 

    All that said, some people love their covers and inserts, so it may work great for you.
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    Do you have an HE or Non-HE washer?  Non-HE washers can adjust for load size much easier and work fine for every day washing.  From what I have read HE washers often need to be fuller to agitate adequately to clean diapers.  If you have an HE washer, washing every other day may be more optimal due to that.

    Have you considered flats?  They work great wrapped for nb poop containment and pad folded later until potty training.  I used to have Best Bottoms shells and both flats and snap in inserts - both worked equally well but the flats wash and dry easier and there's no need to size up.

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    Thanks, @PipSqueak0313! We don't have a HE washer, just a semi-old school top loader GE (by semi-old I mean it's a 2010 haha). I'm definitely toying with using prefolds as LO moves out of the nb stage in addition to the inserts, but haven't looked into flats. I'll do a little YouTubing on the differences. Thanks for the input!

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    @wineo929 <img src="" alt="">
    How'd it go so far?
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    wineo929wineo929 member
    edited December 2016
    Hey hey @BusinessWife :)

    Good! I got a spreadsheet going with what I want to get (taking into account your input and @Xstatic3333)s and sent it to my mom and MIL since they want to pitch in (woo!). I've spent the budget this month for baby related stuff, so I'll buy the rest of the nb stuff next month since that's when he'll likely be here. 

    I decided to get another 2 workhorses for nb and some more inserts for nighttime. I think I'm also going to get more nb prefolds, but also get the next size up and do a combo of inserts and prefolds for the os stage. My H really likes the inserts, but someone mentioned that the inserts might get a little dicey with runny EBF poops. So a pack of prefolds to be on the safe side it is! And I'll let the grandmas pick out the covers (based on the company and type I told them we were trying) because that's the part they're excited about (okay, me too a little haha)

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    @wineo929  oh!  that sounds like so much fun!  yay for family helping out, and Yay for all the fun prints, too! :D
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