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I have a PPO plan with an FSA and my husband has an HDHP plan with an HSA. I've almost exhausted all my FSA money and am wondering if I can use my husbands HSA money to pay my medical expenses once my FSA has run out? I know I can use my husbands HSA funds but not sure I can use those in addition to my FSA?

Re: FSA and HSA

  • That sounds like a tax question you might want to consult a tax professional. 
  • Generally, a person can use an HSA on others' expenses.  This shouldn't be effected by your FSA, but there are guidelines and FAQs on the IRS website if you want more info.
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  • This is just a guess, but I really don't see why you wouldn't be able to use your husband's HSA account, in addition to your FSA. It's your money, as long as it's being used for medical expenses, you shouldn't be violating anything. You could always put in a call to the company that manages the HSA account and run the scenario by them.
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