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Almost 10 months & not crawling

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Anyone else have a baby who is not crawling yet?

My daughter is funny, happy, healthy and loves to nurse and sleep... and although she rolls both ways she does not want to crawl!! She also has no teeth yet.

Any other late bloomers out there?

Re: Almost 10 months & not crawling

  • Yep! Mine isn't even close to crawling - he only just started rolling and enjoying tummy time recently. Though he doesn't roll very often. It's just...not his thing. He turned 9 months on the 1st. He loves to sit up and will squirm around a bit and balance himself on his arms to reach things or try and see behind him, but he doesn't actually crawl or roll to get around. Plop him down and that's pretty much where he'll stay. :)

    The pediatrician isn't worried. She says she'd be worried if he wasn't trying to move/turn at all by 9 months, but that they don't need to be mobile yet. We'll see what kind of progress he's made at his 11-month appointment in early February.

    I feel reassured and all, but I will admit I worry about him a little! It seems like all the other babies his age and his friends who are a couple of months younger are crawling. Some of them are walking. It's just hard not to be worried when your LO is doing something different.

  • You precious babies know a good thing when they are in it. You can do all the work for them :) they are baby geniuses!! Don't worry, they are all normal. 
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  • Mine is crawling but has no teeth either. He will be 10 months on the 14th and I don't see any teeth close to coming in and he doesn't even act like he is teething or anything. I guess every baby is different and it will all happen in time :)
  • Mine just learnt to crawl a few days ago and grew two teeth in the same week! I was getting worried about her too. It will happen :-) 
  • Babies hit milestones at different times. I wouldn't worry too much and if your pedi isn't worried either. Also I didn't get my 1st tooth until I was 11 months.
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    My baby has 8 teeth (since 7 months) and just started crawling at 9 months, literally the evening we got back from the pediatrician, she wasn't crawling yet lol. Anyways, he said he wasn't concerned bc some babies pull ahead in one area and it takes another area time to catch up. Apparently our daughter is ahead linguistically  :D of course lol
  • Both my daughters were not as fast as my oldest son. He was walking everywhere by 9 months. My daughters weren't even walking until 12 and 15 months. They just didn't care to crawl or walk. 
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