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Still breastfeeding?

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How many mommas are still nursing their LOs?

Still breastfeeding? 68 votes

Yes still going strong, no end in sigh
36% 25 votes
Yes, for a bit longer
23% 16 votes
No, all done
39% 27 votes

Re: Still breastfeeding?

  • Still nursing first thing in the morning, before sleep and overnight. Bonus, I only just got my first pp period. Just one more week and I would've made it 2 years without one!
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  • Just nursing before he goes to sleep and around 3am. He loves food too much to bother with nursing during the day!
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  • Just weaned, it was actually way easier than I thought but I'm pregnant again so I think the taste changed, I also seem to have dried off gradually without any engorgement problems so I'm pretty happy about that
  • Still nursing in the morning, after both naps (2), and before bed. Still no PP period so I'm happy to keep going!  DH are ready to try for #2 so I might cut back a bit but for now we're going strong at least through cold season
  • jen83mnjen83mn member
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    We weaned around LO's first birthday. My supply had been steadily decreasing since 5 months postpartum when I got my period, so I was barely making enough to satisfy him and had to start supplementing at 10.5 months. We also will be trying for #2 starting this month, so I wanted to get my cycle regulated again before trying and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I managed to gain about a lb a month while breastfeeding, and if I ate less, my supply suffered. After I weaned and started calorie counting using MyFitnessPal, I've been able to lose 22 lbs in 80 days and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Just some hope for anyone who is still breastfeeding and hopes to lose some weight afterward!

    Way to go to all you mommas who are going strong! My LO was starting to lose interest around a year, and this week we'll be getting rid of the last bottle he has daily and switching to all cups.

    The thing I miss most is the immunity factor for LO, especially with cold season starting!
  • @AndieTessie Still nursing my 14 month old and ended up pregnant haha. Good luck trying for # 2 girl! 
  • Still nursing. So ready to be done but LO is always crying for milk, doing the milk sign and pulling at my shirt. I find it funny how much I wanted breastfeeding to work in the beginning but now I'm practically begging her to drink from her sippy
  • I am still nursing mornings (upon LOUD demand / signing from my LO into the monitor screen ha), I still pump twice at work (think I am addicted), once the minute I walk in the door (again upon loud demand/signing from LO), then nurse him to sleep and any wake ups during the night.  During the weekends I nurse the same plus naps/on demand throughout the day as he wants still...usually these aren't full sessions mainly little snacks or if hes sleepy.  There have been a lot of times where if I don't give him milkies at night he LOSES IT! So not sure if he sees an end in sight ha
  • Still nursing on demand when I'm not working. We had night weaned at 11 months, but he's been sick since starting daycare so I started nursing at night again since he had had a rough time sleeping with RVS and a never-ending cold! My supply isn't the best, but we both still love the bonding so will keep it up for now and see when he wants to wean himself. 
  • agustinitaagustinita member
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    Still nursing my twin girls twice a day, in the morning ( if they get up to early so to get them back to sleep :smile: and once in the afternoon/ evening if they ask for it. I'm happy that I cut down the night takes since that was the only way they stopped waking up too often. I now nurse them when we feel like it and they usually understand when I say later and sometimes they even forget about it until the next day. I'll keep going like this and see if they eventually lose interest before I'm done. 
  • I finished nursing at 7 months. I was so emotionally and physically ready to be done. I have multiple sclerosis and the fatigue was knocking me on my butt. I wound up pregnant the next month.  
  • Still going strong .  she is in school now so I'm interested to see if she is gonna outgrow the boob juice or not.
  • We're still nursing but only to help him fall to sleep. But I'm so ready to wean him, my whole body is aching. How were you moms able to stop night feedings? My LO is 18 months and doesn't wanna give up nursing. 
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