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Weekend Worries 12/3

How are you feeling this weekend, ladies? Any appointments coming up you're anxious about? Any lack of appointments for awhile got you anxious? This is your chance to share what's worrying you. 

Re: Weekend Worries 12/3

  • I had some very light bleeding this morning. I'm 99% sure that it's not from my uterus or cervix. It's always a teeny amount, on the left side, from the area just outside my cervix. But I'm still freaking out on the inside. This is the point where I had my last loss (last month). And my due date from my first loss was tomorrow. 

    I have my first appointment with my OB tomorrow. If I can just make it until then. 
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  • Thinking of you. Keep us posted. So sorry your dd is coming up too. Hang in there. Praying it's nothing! I had some light bleeding that turned out to be nothing. Hope yours is the same. 
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  • @a2003tiger hope all went well today
  • Appointment in an hour! I'm more excited than nervous, so hopefully that's a good sign!
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  • I'm nervous that I'm not nauseous or sick at all! 8 weeks tomorrow and I heard the HB at 6+5. With two prior losses I was not sick either time, and I heard the HB at 8 weeks. Is it bad I just want to be nauseous all day? I have an appointment this coming Monday so hopefully all is well.
  • @amack2388 not at all. I hoped to be constantly sick in the first tri too. My symptoms went away randomly from 6.5-8.5 weeks but were at their worst from 9-14 weeks. You may just be experiencing a lull. :) Glad you have another appt soon! 
  • @amack2388 I had a similar experience as hgrich with vanishing symptoms around 7 weeks, they came back :)
    I had two losses too, the first I had very few symptoms, the second I had a ton of symptoms all the way til my 12 week US when we found the baby stopped growing at 10 weeks. 
    Hang in there and try not to over analyze. 
  • @amack2388 - I feel your pain (or lack there of!). I woke up today with little to no breast pain and, gasp, an appetite! If I hadn't had an u/s yesterday and knew everything was okay (because it would be beyond unrealistic for something to have happened since yesterday afternoon and my body to feel it this AM) I would be freaking out. I'm going to try really hard to stop over analyzing everything but it's so nice to have this board to look to for comfort and to talk us off the ledge!
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  • @HGRich @Bok Bagok @byrneme Thanks ladies. I haven't been sick at all, but I do have other symptoms which is good! I have not had nausea with any of the three. I just keep thinking morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, but I know that is not the case. I have sore boobs (that are much larger than the usual), vivid dreams, going to bed at like 8 or 9 PM, and I am super hungry. On occasion I have cramps, but they feel like pressure but period cramps. Just trying to stay sane until Monday! 
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