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Decreased appetite

So over the last week or so, Levi hasn't wanted to finish all his bottles.  Leaving anywhere from 1/2-2 oz (6oz bottles).  I'm pretty sure he's got a tooth about to push through and wondered if this is why.  He had fever the other night and has been a little fussy.  I'll call Pediatrician Monday if it continues.  He is still happy and playful dn actually ate good last night when I introduced peas.

Re: Decreased appetite

  • Nadia still had days like that. Some days she drains every oz, others she will leave almost 2oz in each bottle. No explanation here, but she seems to be fine. 
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  • Damien does that from time to time, he drinks a lot these days (32 to 40 oz a day) so I don't worry much when he doesn't drain bottles for a few days. Can't hurt to talk to your ped but I wouldn't worry since he is happy.
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  • We have hit the eating boycott at my house.  Tristan seems completely uninterested in eating.  He has a tooth about to poke through too and I am thinking this is it, but it is a challenge to get milk in him.  I try to let him direct when he is hungry, but yesterday he slept right through his normal 6pm eating time and I had to physically wake him up at 9:30 because he'd hadn't had anything since the 5.5oz at 3:30.  He ate 2 oz... Spit that up and then went to bed until 4am.  He is still in overall good spirits.  Any ideas??  I am planning to call the ped tomorrow and he has an appointment coming up on the 15th.  My other idea is maybe because we have started solids, but he only gets that once a day 2.5 oz at the most.  
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