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***LOSS MENTIONED*** after secondary infertility... here I am.

Hi everyone! I can't express how grateful I am to be on this board.

After battling a PCOS diagnosis and anovulatory cycles for nearly two years, I got a BFP in June. It was confirmed by my OB/GYN the next day, and they started the quant draw. Unfortunately, I started bleeding just in time for the quant analysis to determine that my levels were declining and I was having an early miscarriage. 

I hopped back on the wagon and started Femara (I had previously used Clomid with absolutely no success of even one mature follicle) The first month (October) had failed. The fertility specialist and I had agreed we would try Femara for three rounds and if nothing happened, we go to IUI and I'd be at a different practice.

November had presumably failed as well, and she stated that she didn't feel comfortable increasing the dose and because I still had not ovulated, to go ahead and contact the "sister" office, as they were able to prescribe injectables and other medications to get me to ovulate. I was devastated. I threw a massive pity party for myself, and FI had to figuratively whip my ass back into reality and pulled me out of the negativity.

We had planned to start seeing the second practice after the new year, and take a break from all of this. I had really painful ovaries a few weeks ago and chalked it up to the Femara still in my system. Two days ago, I was ridiculously tired and just have felt "off" --- nothing sounds good, I don't have an appetite but I'm not vomiting. I decided to just grab a test and POAS between cleaning the kitchen and surfing Pinterest today.


I bought more tests. All BFP. 

Granted, I know that this is early. I know that against all odds, somehow, I got several BFP. I am trying not to reflect on the events of June and just be present in the moment. We are blissfully, deliriously happy and I want to live in this little bubble for the next 9 months. I'm still going to obsessively check after each wipe, and pray that this LO sticks.

I don't have any symptoms other than being a little tired, and I know I'll kick myself for saying this later, but I can't wait for the morning sickness, food aversions, emotions... everything to convince me that this pregnancy is moving along healthily.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I look forward to taking this journey with all of you! 

Re: ***LOSS MENTIONED*** after secondary infertility... here I am.

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    Welcome and congrats! I would also suggest joining your BMB as well :)
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  • Yea! I didn't welcome the morning sickness and everything that comes with it but it's kind gives me a sense of reinsurance. 
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