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Awake times?

so I've had Roo on the 234 schedule forever and now she has dropped her morning nap and its becoming impossible to figure out when she's going to nap, what is everyone else doing?

Re: Awake times?

  • We transitioned to one nap just before the time change.  A normal day is wake between 6:30 and 6:45 am, nap 11:30-1:30 and bed at 8 pm.  Sometimes I put him to bed around 7:45 pm but I try not to deviate too much.  He averages 12.5-13 hours of total sleep every 24 hours.  I think the toughest part is lunch time, we still haven't entirely figured that out.  Sometimes he eats before, sometimes after.  He always has milk before but is occasionally too tired to eat so I just give him a high calorie snack and then feed him when he wakes up. 

    We started the transition by limiting his morning nap to 20 minutes or less. Sometimes just a 15 minutes cat nap in the car.  
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    Nap is usually 12-3

    bedtime is typically: 7:30-6:30

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    Bath: 6:30
    breakfast: 7
    snack: 9
    lunch: 11
    snack: 3 or 4
    dinner: 6 pm

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  • The lunch thing is what I keep running into, she's fallen asleep in her lunch a couple times, lol
  • The lunch thing is what I keep running into, she's fallen asleep in her lunch a couple times, lol
    We aim for lunch at 11 but frequently have to give a "second lunch" around 2 when he wakes.  If he seems really tired I'll go for cheese, bananas, yogurt etc.  Something that will fill him up enough that he won't wake up from hunger. Then when he wakes I might make him a half a sandwich or something.  It doesn't seem to affect our dinner time at all.  
  • Wake up at 8
    Lunch at 11:45ish
    Nap right after. I get her up at 3, but sometimes we wakes up earlier. 
    Snack at 3
    Bedtime routine starts at 7:20
  • We're still on 234... for now. There are more and more days where she just chatters away for over half an hour, and she has skipped it a couple times. I'm trying to keep it til Christmas, because she's on the exact same nap times as the 1yo daycare girl I have, and it's amazing.

    Right now she is:
    6:30 wake
    8:30-10 nap
    12 lunch
    1-3 nap
    7 bed

    The 2 yo I watch follows the same routine, except there's only 1 nap from 12-3. When he's here we do lunch at 11:30. 
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  • We're still on two naps a day, especially during the week when he wakes up at 6:30/6:45 a.m. His morning nap is 3 hours after waking; he usually sleeps 1-2 hours. His next nap is about 4 hours after he wakes up from his first nap, and he usually naps for 1.5-3 hours. We wake him up no later than 6 p.m., with bedtime at 8/8:30 p.m.

    On weekends we let him sleep in until 8 a.m. First nap at 11 a.m. We make sure he's up by 1:30 p.m., so he can go down for his second nap by 4:30 and sleep until 6 p.m. Bedtime at 8:30 p.m.

    For food, we do puffs (baby Cheerios) and milk in cup right when he wakes up, breakfast an hour later, snack before first nap, lunch after first nap, snack before second nap, dinner at 6:30 p.m., then bottle before bed (which we will be phasing out within the next few weeks - this is the only bottle we still do).

    We plan to keep him on two naps a day until he stops actually napping for either one; right now he seems to like and want the sleep, but he's always been a good sleeper and it's very obvious when he's tired and needs a nap!
  • We do waking between 6:30/7, nap 9:30-10:30, nap 1:30-3 and bed at 7:30.

    Breakfast on waking, snack at 10:30, lunch at 12:30, snack at 3:30 and dinner at 6:30.  No bottles or milk in cups, just water and bfeed before bed. 

    No plans to drop to one nap until she starts fighting going down or stops sleeping through!
  • LO started fighting his second nap around 11months old so we pushed out the 1st nap and dropped the second one.   Now we wake up around 6 nap at 11 (at home 12 at daycare) wake up at 2 or 230 then bed at 7pm.  Lunch either falls before or after nap depending on the day, usually before but if he is really tired we will do snack before and lunch after nap.  The worst part about this schedule is it is really hard to go do stuff during the day because no stores open till 1000 and we are starting to wonder down for nap around then.  
  • Our nap times are a moving target. He will go down for a nap sometime between 9:30 and 11:30. Sometimes he skips the second nap and goes to bed at 6 pm or he will take a second nap sometime between 2pm and 4pm then go to bed 7 or 7:30. He is not a good sleeper. Naps are only about 45 minutes to an hour long. It makes it hard to make plans for the day. I am hoping that this is just a transition period to one nap a day.
  • We have been down to one nap since 12 months. She wakes between 545 and 630am.  Usually goes down for a nap between 1130 and 130 for a 1 to 2.5 hours. We also struggle with lunch. Some days it is before nap and sometimes after. Goes to bed between 715 and 830pm. 
  • On the weekend when we are at home he will easily still have two naps. Up between 5-7am for the day. His morning nap is usually 3hrs after wake up. His afternoon nap is around 1-2pm. He'll get about 3hrs of nap time through the day. He is asleep for the night by 6:15. 

    During the week at daycare he is simply too busy to nap twice. He takes one 1.5-2hr nap there (still same wake up and asleep times for morning and night). This shifting schedule doesn't seem to bug him at all. 
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