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Help with a new wash routine

My daughter is almost 2 1/2 months and has been experiencing rashes. I've switched from ALL free and clear to Tide Original Power. She broke out in a rash after just wearing the Tide for an hour and a half. She is pretty sensitive to fragrance (lightly scented aveeno made her break out in a rash). I was hoping to switch to Ecover Zero Powder. We have soft water, a whirlpool cabrio, mostly GMD prefolds, flats, and thirsties and flip covers (two bumgenius pockets and 2 smartbottoms AIO).
1. Would you strip? How would you strip? I've seen such conflicting info on this and the definitions change everywhere. I have already added diluted bleach to wash twice and have done 3 washes, hot, no detergent.
2. What new wash routine would you start?

Fluff love (I know another love/hate) recommends:

Prewash - Normal, heavy soil, high spin, half scoop Ecover.
Main wash - Heavy duty or whites, heavy soil, high spin, hot water, 3-4 full scoops Ecover, 1/2 cup borax.
Machine needs to be exactly 1/2 full for main wash. Prewash can be less.

EcoBoost OFF for all washes.
Deep Clean ON for all washes.

I bolded what I was concerned about.
a) High spin? Too rough on cotton or AIO?
b) So much soap? Is this necessary to you guys? Soap in prewash with soft water?
c) Borax on every wash or every one in awhile?
d) Deep Clean. GMD warned against it getting too hot.

I know this is massive. Thanks for your help if you can.

Kendall, 1/1/13
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Re: Help with a new wash routine

  • Fluff Love loves going overboard with the detergent.  Start simple.  Pre-wash no detergent, hot wash with manufacturer's recommended dosage, no additives, and extra rinse as needed.  Then based on YOUR observations and results adjust the wash routine.  

    Flats and prefolds are just cloth.  Wash them the way you would wash your underwear (after the pre-wash).  Adjust as you find necessary.

    FWIW, I have hard water and I don't recall ever using borax on my cloth diapers so honestly, I'm not sure why FL pushes borax so heavily.


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  • I follow GMD's routine/recommendation on nearly everything - wash routine (first cycle warm, pre-soak, two rinses, no detergent, second cycle hot, no pre-soak, two rinses, detergent. Stripping is just a few washes in hot water. No boiling!
    We use Target's plain and unscented detergent for washing, as GMD suggests. GMD says that occasional borax or washing soda use is okay, but it can be too harsh on baby's skin and will cause the diapers to pill more than they should (I have found this second reason to be true). 

    I occasionally wash with bleach, but try to keep it to a minimum as it can break down the fibers. Bleach is actually most effective in warm, not hot water. 
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  • Thank you both for confirming my gut feeling! After all the rashes (last one has been yeast), I was feeling overwhelmed and started overthinking it all. I really appreciate the advice.

    Kendall, 1/1/13
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