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  • I almost wish I were pregnant again for the sake of not having a period again.
    First PP period, and it hasn't failed to remind me why I hate them. 
    I woke up this morning to having bled through my pajamas, and have been so crampy that it gives me diarrhea. Ugh. I hope this Nexplanon eventually stops my periods!
  • @AllyTheKid ugh!! the worst!! I hope that it stops your period too. 

    I had no bleeding for awhile and the past few days it's been very random. It doesn't seem quite like a period but mine have always been weird which is partially to blame for my pregnancy lol. I'm due to get the Paraguard soon, may make my periods heavier for awhile ? ugh. I don't think we kiss women's asses enough for all we deal with!
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  • How many weeks PP are you again @AllyTheKid? Just wondering when I'll get my period again. I'm almost 6 weeks PP and not BF. I'm actually kind of looking forward to getting mine because I'm hoping it will be like a hormonal reset and normalize me again haha. My periods pre-pregnancy were never too bad, so hopefully it will be the same now. Going to the doc on Friday for my 6 week appt, so I'll be asking for a BC prescription again too, which will be really weird to take after 2 years.
  • @AllyTheKid That sucks! My dr. put me on the mini-pill since I'm BFing and I just started it yesterday. This is the first time I've been on BC in 3 years. I took the mini-pill after having DD1 but I can't remember when I got my period, so I don't really know what to expect. 
  • @rosdoss I have been interested in hearing an actual review of Paraguard, keep us updated on how that goes. I was always deterred by bleeding horror stories, but I just don't actually know anybody in person who has had it.

    @kmyers228 I'm 9 weeks PP today and it showed up two days ago, I think my BC may have kickstarted it though so I can't give a very good indication of when it would have actually started on its own. Other than the obvious inconveniences of periods, I do feel a little more normal now I think.
  • @ball4768 what's the mini pill? I'm going to get back on the pill too so just wondering as I've never heard of that. Before I got off the pill I was on one that was low estrogen (I think) because the regular one wasn't working out.
  • @kmyers228 The mini pill is progesterone only, it's not a combination pill and is considered safe for breastfeeding. That's what I took after Jimmy was born, but if you're not BFing anymore, the pill is VERY high maintenance and needs to be taken at exactly the same time, every single day with no breaks, or it won't be effective. That is how we now have our sweet Johnny ;)
    I also used to be given progesterone pills from my physician to start and stop my crazy irregular periods when we were TTC Jimmy in 2014. I'd have 2 periods a month =/ it took us 6 months of tampering with my hormones before we finally managed to get PG.
  • @AllyTheKid haha! that's how our little one came into existence as well. I will definitely keep you guys posted about the Paraguard. My OB is a big fan so I'm hopeful. I'm also EBF so it won't get in the way of things... and clearly the pill is not for me lol
  • Yea I was on the pill since I was 17 til about 2 years ago. I was really good about taking it cause I'd just set an alarm on my phone. I do not want another LO anytime soon so I'll be sure to take it religiously again haha
  • I hope after I get my Nexplanon out in 3 years, if our finances allow, that I can talk FI into trying for one more. I sure would like for DD to have a sister and I'd like to give it one more go. LATER.
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