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Twatwaffle Tuesday 11.29.2016

Re: Twatwaffle Tuesday 11.29.2016

  • FI's ex-wife is a twatwaffle. She also happens to be the only person that I have ever extensively fantasized about murdering berfore.  :|
    I hope she gets criminal charges and goes to prison for the things she has done and is out of our hair and lives soon, my step-son deserves so much better, and I hope there is some way to help undo the damages she has already caused him.
  • @AllyTheKid I'll never understand people who act like your stepsons mom... it takes so much more energy to be a twat than it does to just be decent. I hope things settle for you guys 

    My MIL is a twatwaffle. She texted my H basically tattling on my mom for posting pictures of our baby on Facebook. I never told my mom that she couldn't. I could bitch about her bizarre behavior all day. Like showing up unannounced when I'm 2 weeks PP... she's in some clear battle for the ultimate grandmother and it's just so goddamn annoying. The holidays are coming and I know I'll have to deal with her again soon because she's a nut about christmas... DREADING IT. it doesn't help that she's just weird, her own children have no relationship with her. I wish I didn't feel this way, but I can't help it! 
  • A person who filled in for my long term sub who quit is a TW. She knows nothing about music. She "read up" on how to tune a violin and then insisted that my kids let her do theirs. She broke so many of their instruments and then told them to take them to the music store (read: pay) for them to be fixed. This is only the tip of the iceberg that I found out yesterday and today. Just what I need after 8 weeks out, and with a concert to put on in 2 weeks...
  • @ashleyp625 Oh god that sounds awful! Such a stressful thing to return to. Hope you can get things sorted out, relatively speaking.
  • @ashleyp625 Oh no! Do you guys do an annual Christmas concert? Are your students even remotely prepared? I would elect your more advanced students to help lead their sections for extra practice. 
    It sounds like it's for the best that your sub quit, seems like she was doing way more harm than good. So sorry about all that, what a mess! Good thing you're awesome though, you'll do great and get this handle boss-style ;)
  • I'm a day late but my husband is a twatwaffle. He does help but honestly I need him to do more. I BF so I'm basically stuck on the couch all day and my LO does not take all, which means I don't get naps. It would be nice if he could take her so I could get a nap instead of expecting me to cook or clean during that time. 
  • @rosdoss sorry about your MIL. One of my pet peeves is when people show up unannounced. Hopefully she won't drive you crazy at Christmas and it will go smoothly. 
  • @AllyTheKid yep. By contract I have to do Christmas and spring at each school. I was excused from elementary but am supposed to do middle school. My boss asked if I'm still doing it, which I guess means I could be excused, but my kids would be heartbroken. I don't have enough strong kids to let them lead :( so cramming it will have to be! We will be fine. I'm just really disappointed about the lack of progress while I was gone. 
  • @ashleyp625 I would be disappointed too, best of luck to you though! You guys got this :)
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