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Baby thoughts

Anyone here planning baby 2? or is baby 2 already en route? have started thinking about it and would love to hear from you! 

Re: Baby thoughts

  • We are going to start thinking about it after our guy turns 1.  It took us 7 months to conceive last time, so I'm trying to keep that in mind.

    TTC #1 10/2014
    Low progesterone
    BFP 05/2015
    Baby boy born 01/2016
    Currently: NTNP

  • I have baby fever BBAADDDD but DH is nowhere near ready... I'm pretty sure I ask him daily if he's ready to go lol
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  • Because if health reasons we are wanting to wait until LO is 18 months apart. I'm ready now, I just think it will be best for all involved if I wait. 
  • My husband just said to me last week that he wants to start trying for baby #2. I go back and forth between being ready for another one and being against it for a multitude of reasons (LO does not sleep through the night, I work full time so I worry about spending enough quality time with 2 LOs, wanting to lose the rest of the baby weight from the first one, the list goes on) 
  • We've been trying. I turn 40 next month, so we don't have much time to wait. 
    I hate the waiting and disappointment. 
  • Best of luck to everyone who has begun trying and for those who plan to start soon! We personally plan to wait until 18 months. Its a personal preference for us as I want to spend some time with just her for a little bit and I feel it would be better for her if shes just over 2 and can understand a bit more. As much as I want to try now!!! I keep reminding myself how fun next sunmer will be. Also I'm a bridesmaid for my best friend oct 2017 so I don't want to be pregnant or just had a baby. 
  • We plan to try when Graham is between 18 months and 2 years. It took us a while to get pregnant with him, so trying to keep that in mind as well! Would like to get him out of diapers and in preschool before another one comes along. Although I am craving some newborn snuggles!
  • Haha...I'm still trying to decide if I want a second baby, which tells me I'm definitely not ready yet. In all honesty, I know we'll have more, but the newborn phase is still too fresh in my mind to want another one yet. I loved my baby from the moment she was placed on my chest (and even before that), but did not love motherhood for the first few months. Postpartum is a nasty thing. 
    I'm a teacher, so we're hoping to plan things just right and have a Spring or early Summer baby, so I can have more time off. But...that was the plan with the first one, and obviously that didn't happen! So, we're still debating as to whether we want to start trying next summer, or the following summer. I'm leaning more towards Summer 2018. I have nephews 2 years apart and nieces 3 years apart. I definitely prefer the three year gap between kids!
  • Gosh I would love to, but we have to wait til next December to start trying. :/ We have to wait til 18 months postpartum for health reasons anyway, and I can't get pregnant between September and December because my due date would be right in the middle of my very busy season at work.  I know it's probably a good thing for us, since it'll mean a significant savings in daycare to have number 2 when Rose is almost 3 or 3, but it seems sooooo far away!

    I just keep reminding myself that this time with just one baby is precious, but I admit I'm impatient!
  • I always thought I wanted two fairly close together, but DS has been such a terrible sleeper, I'm not sure I could survive another like him.  there's also no way we can afford another right now and I'm 35, so I don't have a ton of time to wait.  
  • DH is ready. Me. Hell no. I need some sleep. And my body to myself. I'm still nursing, which is amazing. So either the baby is trying to climb back in my womb, the dogs want to be pet or my husband wants some lovin. Can i have some space, for the love of god? 
  • I also signed up for doula training courses. So i need to launch my new career firs
  • We've been trying since we got the go ahead at 6 months. I have PCOS and it took 3 years and medicine to get pregnant with DS. So right now we're floating along and trying to time it right, but we know it will take going back to the fertility specialist again. My doctor wants to wait until April to do the  referral. 
    Me: 31 DH: 40
    Married 2012
    TTC #2 since July 2016
    PCOS diagnosed 2008
  • @Caressa1 congratulations!!! Thats wonderful news!! 
  • Everyday we talk about how we will talk about it after he turns one hahaha I originally wanted to start trying when he turned one but now I might want to wait a little. I'm back and forth I want another baby now but don't want to be pregnant now lol 
  • We started trying last month, but missed the best O day cause we both fell asleep!! hahaah we BD the 3 previous days though so fingers crossed ;)
  • @cyanope I feel the same way about my experience with the newborn phase. I did not love motherhood instantly as I thought I would. I keep hoping that the second time around would give me a chance to really enjoy the newborn phase but as you say postpartum is a beast so who knows! Right now I think 3 years apart at least for us
  • Definitely @SDaniels19! I did not like the newborn phase at all. I take solace in that it doesn't last that long. 2-3 months of awful seems to be low price for the awesomeness of my little girl now! I know it lasts longer for some people and can be much worse than I had. 
  • It's been a super long time since I've checked in last, but this thread caught my eye. I had severe Baby fever from the day she was born until about maybe a month ago if that. If we accidentally got pregnant, I wouldn't be upset. But now I've gotten used to her sleeping in her own room through the night, and still being able to do things on a moments notice, that I'm a little spoiled with one baby. I mostly miss being pregnant. I held my friends brand new baby the other day and was like "meh".... I don't really want another right now. We PCS in march anyways so I think I'll revisit the thought next summer :) 
  • @mamadcb congratulations! All the best!! 
  • @mamadcb congrats. You're a super woman.
  • I'm with you girls with hating the newborn stage but for that reason I want a new LO sooner rather then later, I don't want to have to go back to the baby stage once I'm over it. I just want to get this season of life done with. Haha =) 
  • @mamadcb  Yaaaayyyyy!!!!  :)  
  • I never got back on birth control and so far i am not pregnant.  I have been told that breast feeding can cause delay in pregnancy but i figure it will happen when it happens. I have a 7 yr age gap with my first two and im not getting any younger. The baby will be 1 on the 27th of December so ill be ok when ever it happens. And maybe im weird but the newborn stage is my all time favorite!
  • Yay!! Congrats!

    I'm also not preventing but not really trying. I'm still nursing and haven't gotten my period back so it probably won't happen anytime soon. 
  • Congrats!!! So exciting! I think we're gonna start not not preventing this month or next and I got my period back at 6 months post partum so we will see what happens! I never went back on the pill so we've just been using condoms until we decided to try again! 
  • @Z'smommy Congratulations!!!
  • Congrats mamas....you're all rockstars... I'm not courageous as you all!!
  • Are any of you ladies going to be on the aug17 board? I've visited a few times...
  • Huge congratulations to all of you!! Can't wait to hear how your LOs take to their new siblings!
  • @mamadcb Thank you =) I just have thyroid problems so i was told it would best to wait and give my hormones time to settle. I've just been crazy emotional, but other then that as long as i stay on top of blood work I will be fine.

    Congrats on your baby boy! Thats so exciting =) 

    @Z'smommy I'm due Aug. 19th so we will be in the same birth month board! 
  • Congrats to everyone who is pregnant and good luck to all who are trying!  

    I was convinced that Lacey was my last one. But lately my husband keeps making jokes (his way of talking) about having another baby. My other kids keep asking when I'm going to have another one. Yesterday I found myself looking at the 1st tri pee stick thread then reading about vbacs. I don't know if it's because I just got my period back or if it's because my baby is almost one but I am one hot baby hungry mess. 

    If you need me I'll be binge watching a baby story episodes and crying into snugly baby blankets and new born clothes. 
  • Just this week I had a conversation with DH about having a second that didn't immediately end with him insisting he only wants one.  We did agree that financially having a second wouldn't be good right now, but I'm almost 36, so we can't wait too long.  We'll see what he agrees to.
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