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Late announcement

Hi everyone. I realize I'm really late on this. I wasn't sure if I should post it or not, considering that I really slacked in participating the last trimester or so, soon wasn't sure if I'd be well received. But I'd love to try and get back into participating more! Anywho, my little Jack Charles was born on 10/13 via planned repeat c section. Everything went smoothly, and I'm now working on finding my groove with an infant and a 3 year old! 
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Re: Late announcement

  • And I thought I was posting this in the announcement thread! Whoops, I suck at this!
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  • @jeng100 Congratulations! Good luck and I hope you find your groove quickly :) The announcements thread is a total mess anyway and impossible to load anymore, and considering how inactive the board is these days I doubt anybody minds a new thread ;)
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  • Congrats @jeng100 and @rosdoss!  Yea the announcements thread doesn't even load for me anymore, it got so huge, so I'm glad I could actually see both of your announcements!
  • Congrats, ladies! 
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