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Video Games/Child with Learning Disability

Husband requests a PlayStation for Christmas.  1st grader was diagnosed with dyslexia, is one year behind in reading, and is being evaluated for ADD.  How do you respond?  I don't plan to buy the PS (I will buy another requested item instead), but am frustrated that DH even made the request.  Why do I have to be the bad guy?  Why even put me in the position of having to say no?  Is my gut reaction (to think this is a bad idea and not buy a PS) unreasonable?  How do I respond when DH pouts about my not letting them have a PS?

Re: Video Games/Child with Learning Disability

  • Hi Mama, I hear your concerns and a mom's intuition is very important and should be heeded for sure. I do want to share with you my own experience. My son is dyslexic. He could not read until 11 - and then not much - still struggles with reading. But he has a higher IQ than most, and his brain works twice as fast as most people. The average person takes 40 times to read a word and then it just comes naturally - a dyslexic has to read it 140 times or more. So their brains are working over time. I met with a doctor regarding my son and she asked if he played video games....I was thinking I was going to get the lecture after I responded yes. She then said, "Good, he needs some kind of release for his mind and video games are a really good release for a dyslexic." I was astounded. And I have noticed that after he plays for an hour or so - he is calmer and more relaxed. He is now a senior in college  with a 3.75 GPA. His teachers love him! I am not a doctor nor a professional at all. All I know is my own son - and it really helped him. Our family does not have addictive personalities - so I am not sure if that would play a role. Maybe you could do some research...find out if this is a possibility? Could you set some good boundaries that you are comfortable with. Maybe 1/2 hour a day to start with - time with dad - a good way for the two of them to bond? You know your family the best. And please don't discredit your intuition...mama usually knows best.
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