TTC after 35

TWW: Nov 28 - Dec 4

Tell us how many DPO you are, what you're doing/not doing this month, when/if you'll test, and symptoms that have you wondering if this is THE month! 

If you haven't already made a separate intro, please first do so in a separate discussion thread so we can get to know you! Good luck!

Re: TWW: Nov 28 - Dec 4

  • I have no idea how many DPO I am but according to my past cycles AF should start early next week and Pre AF spotting should start mid to late this week.  PMS symptoms are starting so we'll see.  Barely any CM which doesn't give me hope and I feel pretty normal although a bit sad today probably because I'm tired.
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  • well today my boobs are a bit swollen and sore but again that could just be AF getting ready to present itself soon. Even DH noticed they looked bigger - the sides are what hurt the most.  My hopeful side wants me to believe this may be the cycle but my realistic side who doesn't look for symptoms wants to protect itself and believe it's pre AF junk.  I looked at my calendar tonight and assuming I O'd on the day I saw a TON of EW CM  I'm currently 10 DPO - so based on past cycles I should start spotting in the next day or 2.  

    I've stopped trying to look for symptoms because I remember what it was like when I first got pregnant with DD - creamy CM in the 2WW and getting up to pee in the middle of the night followed 2 weeks later by puking and super hungry all the time.  So I tend to think it will be pretty clear when I'm pregnant again and none of that has happened yet. 
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  • @vlagrl29 i hope those symptoms mean it's your month! I feel like every month I have a new symptom or no symptoms (which is unusual for me) and I spiral into the whole "what if..." headspace. This whole process really is a roller coaster. 

    Also, i had no idea creamy CM in the TWW was a sign! I get that every month, hahaha
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  • @PoeMasque - well it was a sign in my first pregnancy.  I remember thinking that it was weird because it was not normal for me.  I had 1 day of creamy CM last week and its been pretty dry since so I still think its a no go.  It may vary from person to person.  I guess it is possible that that TWW symptoms can vary for each pregnancy too.  A couple months ago I gave up looking for symptoms but of course this month is playing mind games with me.  I even felt a twinge in my lower abdomen a couple times yesterday.  I'm sure its nothing.  If nothing else it will feel good to get all my blood work done next month and know that its normal.
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  • and of course just as I said that I did have some creamy CM lol.  I swore it was pre af spotting CM - I've been constantly on the look out for it all week.  You know I don't talk to anyone about CM as much as you ladies.  Actually I don't talk to anyone about in IRL.
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  • well I'm out - sigh.  I had a bit of spotting this morning.  Even though I let go of all that tracking and everything that goes with that I still care I guess.  I did a huge vent to DH this morning and then started crying.  Then I went to an hour asthanga class at yoga this morning and turned my mood back around.  I called my chiro and left a message this morning so I can go ahead and come in today or tomorrow and buy those labs.  As the months pass I have less and less hope but it's only been 6 months so I still need to dig deep and find some more faith.  Onto Cycle 7 and hoping/praying for a xmas miracle.
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  • 5dpo today for me. 
    Did opk's, had good timing this month. 
    Prenatals and vitamin D.

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  • Thanks @thistle8677 - I unfortunately will have to track next month for my CD3 and CD21 blood work but I will not track any more after that.  We did have good timing even on the day I noticed EWCM.  I'm going to stop taking pre natals and go back to my previous vitamin.  DH told me maybe its the stress he has been under getting his building done.  Going to buy my blood work tomorrow - it will be almost $200.
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  • I completely understand the stress of tracking. I have to do opk's because I don't always O at the same time every month, and I don't always get EWCM. I temped for about a year, and had to give that up. It was causing me anxiety and I was losing sleep. Anyway, I'm sorry about the money. We are lucky to have insurance, but with all my man's health issues and whatever insurance doesn't cover for infertility, we shell out so much money every month. 

    I hope you get some answers soon. 
    The not knowing is awful. 
    Thinking of you ;)
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  • thanks @thistle8677 - we do have a great insurance plan with blue cross but there isn't fertility benefits.

    My cycle is very regular and I always O around the same time every month.  We've conceived before so I have to have faith we can do it again.  If all my blood work turns out ok at least I have peace of mind and if I'm low on a hormone then at least we can do something about that.
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  • MomifbyseaMomifbysea member
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    Sorry I've been MIA this past week, busy with Christmas stuff and it's been a welcome distraction! 

    @vlagrl29 sorry you're out this cycle, I feel your pain, but you're right in that you have to have faith, you guys have done this once! Thinking of you. @thistle8677 I hope this is your month!
  • @Momifbysea - Waiting for CD 3 for bloodwork and really waiting for CD 1.  My body is playing those mean tricks on me again.  Things that you get use to with your monthly flow - I'm use to 5 days of pre AF spotting - well the last 2 days its barely existent spotting and today zero spotting.  Last night I had to get up at 3 am to pee so bad.  Sure I want to think - well maybe just maybe I am pregnant but I have already accepted the fact that I'm not when I started spotting 5 days ago.  The agony!  If I'm still not spotting tomorrow and no AF in sight I will buy a test at the grocery store.
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