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Still no period. Anyone else?

V is almost 11 months old and I still haven't had a period.  I BF her, but we ended middle of the night feeds long ago, and she's been eating solids since around 6 months old.  The internet seems to indicate that most women get their periods back by now, but that it is also normal not to, but it feels like it's been forever.  I might reach out to my OBGYN to see what he says.  Anyone else in the same boat?

Re: Still no period. Anyone else?

  • I still haven't gotten mine.  We still do at least one middle of the night feed though.  It makes me nervous since I'm not great about remembering my birth control.  I'd like an occasional confirmation that we don't have a sibling coming along :)
  • I haven't gotten mine either, but I didn't get mine back with my first until 3 months after I stopped nursing all together. Even then it took another 6 months to be somewhat regular. I've since discovered that I've already gone into menopause and have pretty much no hormones, so if I do get a period before I stop nursing I'll be shocked.
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  • I haven't gotten mine either. We are still nursing a lot though. Down to 1 middle of the night feed. 
  • None here either. We are down to 0-1 feeds at night. I've talked to a lot of ladies who didn't get theirs back until they were completely done nursing. I will take every day I don't have to deal with my period again gladly  :D
  • No period here yet either and have 0-1 MOTN feedings. I almost dread getting it back now that I've been so long without it! 
  • Ya I'm so used to not having a period. I'm really not looking forward to getting it again!
  • No period here. We usually have 1 middle of the night feed, but not every night. I'm so used to not having it that I'm dreading it's return....
  • Jealous......
  • None here yet either. 1 MOTN feeding most days, sometimes 2. Good to see others are also in the same boat, you're right that many things online make it seem like it's unusual it hasn't returned yet.
  • None here either and was starting to wonder about it (though not in any rush to get it back, I'm enjoying having almost forgotten what it's like!).  Still breastfeeding a bit.  Also on the minipill and I heard that with that periods can go out of whack: from some ppl never getting periods to others having constant light bleeding, so that could be a reason too.
  • JUST got mine back, LO is 10 1/2 months since we dramatically dropped from 5-6 feeds per day to 3-4 by cutting out night feeds about a month ago, so I think that's why!
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