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PGAL Check-In 11/28

How far along are you? 

How big is baby? 

Appointments this week?

How are you feeling emotionally/physically?


GTKY: What kind of car do you drive? And/or, what kind of car do you wish you could drive? 

Re: PGAL Check-In 11/28

  • HGRichHGRich member
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    How far along are you? 20 weeks. Halfway point! I can't believe it. 

    How big is baby? 
    Banana or stapler. 

    Appointments this week? 
    The anatomy scan is tomorrow. So nervous. So excited. Hoping for a good report. But otherwise I can't believe it'll be my last chance to see her before she's in my arms. 

    How are you feeling emotionally/physically? 
    So nervous for tomorrow's appointment. But otherwise not bad. Just getting over the hump of knowing if she's healthy will be a big milestone for me. 

    I'm having so much pain when I stand and when I get out of bed in the morning. Not sharp twinges of RLP but constant. I wonder if it's pelvic girdle pain. I guess I'll ask tomorrow. And maybe this is TMI but sex STILL hurts a lot. It's really annoying and I didn't think it was supposed to this much. Ugh. That's my rant. Rave: been feeling baby girl a lot this past week. And I thought it was too early to feel her externally but DH has felt her twice by putting his hand on my belly when I feel her going particularly crazy in there. It's amazing. And is making him pretty excited. 

    GTKY: What kind of car do you drive? And/or, what kind of car do you wish you could drive? 
    I drive a 15 year old piece of junk I've had since college but since DH and I believe in paying for a car up front it's been fine. It's a 2001 2-door Chevy Cavalier. But we are looking to get a new (used) car for me for our growing family. We've been saving up for awhile to buy one right out. And once we've got it, we'll start saving for the next step up. An SUV of some sort I think, or I'd like. But a minivan would be ok with me too. 
  • How far along are you? 22w4d

    How big is baby? A coconut!

    Appointments this week? Yea, unfortunately I failed my early one hour glucose test so tomorrow I go in for the three hour test. I was really surprised that I failed the one hour since I passed it with my daughter. But I am older now and had a 10lb heavier starting weight than I did with my daughter. I'm already over being upset over it and hoping I pass the three hour and if I don't hopefully it can be kept under control with diet and exercise alone.  Still not looking forward to sitting around for thee hours though. 

    How are you feeling emotionally/physically? I feel great with both!!!

    Rants/Raves/Questions: No real rant other than having to go through the three hour glucose test :/ Rave is I bought the baby a new crib, a mini one since he'll be sharing a room with his big sister. Plus I can slide it through the house depending on which room we will be hanging out in.

    GTKY: What kind of car do you drive? And/or, what kind of car do you wish you could drive? Sigh. My car history has gone down hill since having kids, lol. Before my daughter I had a super cute hardtop convertible that I absolutely loved. Then a Subaru Forester which was also very cool. When we decided I was going to quit my job to stay home with my daughter I had to sell the Subaru and ended up buying a 2004 Honda Odyssey, which I secretly love. I never ever thought I would get a mini van, but unless you get a big SUV there's no other vehicle that's works so awesome with kids/car seats. Even the forester was a PITA with the rear facing car seat. I just wish it was newer and not so beat up looking. Plus no car payment :) my husband also sold his new truck and bought an older one. I have to agree, it's much much better to buy a used car outright than have any type of payment. We'll never do car payments again. 
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  • @hgrich finally the anatomy scan!! I hope your appointment is in the morning so you don't have to be tortured all day! 
    Good luck with finding a new car! I love my beater minivan :) 
  • @Bok Bagok sorry you have to do another glucose test! Good luck!

    Alas my appointment is at 3:30pm. I'm going to be so distracted at work. 
  • @hgrich ugh! Well I hope it goes by fast!
  • Hi ladies! This is my first post here. I'm Amanda, I'm 35 and I've had two losses. I had one in April, then another last month. I haven't yet had a period since my last m/c and I went to the ER two weeks ago for double pneumonia and tested positive for HCG. It was 10, but I was about 8 DPO then. My OB rechecked it five days later and based on 48 hour doubling times, i was hoping for around 60. It was 173! So now cautiously optimistic and waiting for my first appointment. 

    How far along are you? 
    5ish weeks

    How big is baby? 

    Appointments this week? 
    Nothing until December 6. 

    How are you feeling emotionally/physically?
    Emotionally, I'm surprisingly good. My PGAL brain isn't mostly under control and I'm very positive about this whole thing. Physically, I've got increasing nausea and fatigue. I'm also still battling the pneumonia and I cracked a rib coughing, so all of that I said contributing, I'm sure. 

    I'm trying to wait until after my ultrasound next week to tell my co-workers. We're a small group of all girls and we talk about everything. THey new about my previous two pregnancies as soon as I POAS. It's killing me not to talk about this!

    GTKY: What kind of car do you drive? And/or, what kind of car do you wish you could drive? 
    A minivan! We caved and purchased it when we started TTC for our third. And I completely love it!
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  • @a2003tiger welcome! I think I remember you. Glad you're back again so soon! Pulling for you and this little one! Especially while battling pneumonia. That's no fun. Glad you've got an early ultrasound soon!

    @Bok Bagok thanks, me too. I've never managed to score a morning appointment. I guess they fill up fast.  :D
  • @a2003tiger wow congratulations! What a crazy way to find out. 
    My husband broke a rib coughing once too! I love poking fun at him for it :) we had a friend who also did that. I guess maybe it's more common than it sounds.
    And yea there's nothing that beats a minivan for kids. 
    Again congrats and welcome!
  • How far along are you? 6 weeks

    How big is baby?  

    Appointments this week? 
    Had my OB intake appt this morning.  The nurse was amazing and offered to get me an early u/s appointment next week, so I am excited/terrified about that.  The only other u/s I had was one confirming my m/c in the ER. 

    How are you feeling emotionally/physically?
     Emotionally, I'm ok.  I go back and forth between being super excited/positive and super scared. 

     See above regarding the nurse getting me an early u/s appt.  My rant is that I have to go to DC for just one day for work the day before and I'll spend the whole time distracted.  Question: 7 weeks is late enough to be able to hear a heartbeat, right?  My husband is worried that if it's too early, it'll just make me more anxious, but from everything I've read 7 weeks should be good. 

    GTKY: What kind of car do you drive? And/or, what kind of car do you wish you could drive? 
     I drive a 2010 Ford Fusion.  It was new to me, my first real purchase after finishing grad school.  I come from a Ford family so that's really my only option, ha.  I plan on driving it into the ground. 
  • @CPR79 yay for an early ultrasound! So glad for you. I don't think they listened to heartbeat until 12 weeks with me, but you can definitely SEE the heart beating at 7 weeks. Which is awesome. Though they may try to listen! I found the heartbeat at home on my own at 10 weeks though. 
  • 1. 8 weeks!
    2. Baby is as big as a raspberry 
    3. I'm actually having my 3rd appointment this week! I met with MFM at 5 weeks because it was originally scheduled for a pre-conception appointment... haha. Then because Im high risk and I think timing with holidays this will be my second regular OB visit.
    4. I feel like my emotions are a constant paradox. I am so happy I'm pregnant again and feel everything will be fine, but on the flip side I'm constantly worried. Like if I'm less nauseous I worry there's something wrong. I think I'll feel better when I get my cerclage placed (13 weeks)
    5. My husbands ex is a monster! I truly believe her life's goal is to try to ruin his. He is a wonderful man who struggled deeply with his faith for several years and got caught up in a terrible relationship which resulted in several kids. He's an excellent, loving father, but she decided 3 weeks ago that she's just done with "letting him" have the kids. (Normally we have them 3 days a week). He hasn't seen them including over the holiday and it is tearing him up... not the kind of stress we need right now when we are supposed to be excited and focused on this new little one!
    6. I actually drive a little hard top convertible! I love convertibles and we got it when I pregnant with our little girl we lost this summer, even knowing I was pregnant. We have an SUV for when we have the step kids, so if I need to I have that, but I'm determined to get a car seat base in my little drop top!
  • @cpr79 I had a scan done at 6w4d and we were able to see the heartbeat :) 

    @pabloandchristine so sorry you have to deal with a crazy ex! They can make life so miserable!!!
  • Welcome @a2003tiger

    Will be thinking about you tomorrow @HGRich!
  • Thank you ladies. Everything went fine and baby appears to be doing great. They couldn't get a couple of shots so I get to go back in four weeks but nothing major or concerning. I'm relieved and grateful. Apparently though I have an anterior placenta which makes no sense to me since I've been feeling her for weeks. But the tech explained that AP doesn't always mean you don't feel baby. Just that if you don't feel baby, that can be why. 

    I'm so grateful for a positive AS. Thinking of you all. 
  • @hgrich yay! Awesome news! Been thinking of you all day!! 
  • @Bok Bagok thanks! How was your glucose test? 
  • Thanks for asking. It wasn't so bad, I sat in my comfy minivan in between the blood draws :) I should know by Friday if I passed or not, crossing fingers!
  • Bok Bagok said:
    Thanks for asking. It wasn't so bad, I sat in my comfy minivan in between the blood draws :) I should know by Friday if I passed or not, crossing fingers!
    I also failed the 1hr and then passed the 3hr. GL!
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  • @queenklau thank you for the encouragement! I'm hearing lots of stories like that. Hope I'm one of them!
  • Just got the news I passed the three hour :) This was an early GD test so I get to do another one at 28 weeks, but whatever I don't care I'm just happy I passed and I'll feel more confident at the 28 week test. 
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