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Back and Kidney Pains?

Hi there-

I had some very scary pains over the holiday in my lower right back - my doc had me go to the ER and we found out my right kidney was swollen. I'm going back for a check-up today, but has anyone else had really awful back pains? They say it's the uterus pressing on organs, which can cause the kidneys to swell. The pain is awful! Any advice on ways to feel a bit better would help to - for me it's a heating pad and walking around. Thanks!
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Re: Back and Kidney Pains?

  • Ouch, that sounds awful! I can't think of anything to suggest other than the heating pad. Hope you get some relief soon!

    Did they test you for a UTI that could have backed up to your kidney, or are they sure it's just from your uterus pressing on it? I only ask because I had some issues with kidney swelling (not while pregnant) from a UTI that was undiagnosed because I didn't have any of the classic UTI symptoms, so they didn't think to test for it immediately.
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  • I actually did have a UTI 3 weeks ago, but it was completely clear when this happened - so crazy it was out of the blue!
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  • I was also going to mention a UTI. I had a UTI that affected my kidneys when I was pregnant with DS. I had back pain and even went to the dr for it. They said that it was just my body stretching, pushing, etc. They told me to go home and rest. A few days later, the pain hadn't let up and my SIL made DH take me to the hospital. Turns out, I had a UTI that was causing my body so much shock that I was going into labor. Luckily I was too far from my due date, they were able to stop my labor, and DS stayed on the inside until it was safe enough for him to come.

    I would definitely check back in a day or two if the pain has not gotten any better. 
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  • My doctor told me not to use a heating pack which makes me so depressed because all I can do is take tylenol.  My back pain has kicked up a notch the last two day to the point I was almost in tears.  Then something weird would happen once or twice where it felt like something actually shifted in my back.  No idea, I've been trying just to rest till I go to the doctor next.

  • Sorry to hear you're in pain! I've been having awful SI joint pain and my OB gave me a referral to a chiropractor to try to get it worked out. I've caved and used the seat heaters in my car to help with the pain along with warm baths. There are days where it feels like my back is going to pop out of joint with every step I take. Not fun at all. 
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  • I feel the same way @aboxofchocolates - heating pad and tylenol are my two cures for now. I went to the doc this morning and she said I may have tiny sand like kidney stones, so we have to wait until they hopefully pass... it hurts so much though!
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  • OH so sorry to hear that. That sounds awful. I have some moderate back pain but it's my sciatica, nothing like yours. I'm just stiff and uncomfortable and my back is sometimes close to locking up.

    I'm assuming they checked for a uti, too right? First time I had a uti I didn't even realize what was going on until it was in my kidneys and I had a kidney infection. I didn't realize though you can have swollen kidneys just from the growing baby/uterus. I hope you get fixed up real soon!

  • I had similar symptoms a couple of weeks ago. My back pain was unbearable. Same as you ladies, heating pad and tylenol was the only recommendation. The back pain has subsided some, I'm hoping that the baby is changing positions, maybe the reason why there is some releif. The thought about 19 more weeks to go...
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