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Monday B*fest 11/28

Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: Monday B*fest 11/28

  • I did not want to get out of bed this morning. Then I couldn't find my stuff for work so I left late. I was a little late to work and found out my boss' son had to go to the hospital late last night. So I'm sitting here listening to Pandora Christmas music all alone and about to fall asleep at my desk. (ok, that last one isn't a bf)

    And a bf to my SIL who's been taking care of our pup texting H this morning that he's "annoying her and teaching her dog bad things". 1- your dog is no angel despite what you think and 2- you wouldn't even have him if you hadn't messed with the plan for last week. She can just pipe down!

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  • The city finally finished our road and put in dirt around the asphalt to grade the shoulder. Then, they put thatch down. Every house looks great except ours because across the street is an in-home daycare and parents park on our lawn/side of the road. Granted, when the parents can, they try and park in the driveway, but it's usually full of the cars because the people who run the daycare have so much stuff in the garage so they park in the driveway. Also, they have two teenagers of driving age who park in the driveway or mess up our lawn by parking on it. So technically, I don't know if the damage was done by daycare parents or the teenagers. Still, their lawn is pristine and mine is destroyed.
  • Kswiger they should fix that stuff! 
    You think so? My husband said he figures it was part of the million page paperwork he had to sign. I thought they should have to fix it, they messed it up.
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  • Our warranty includes a free rental, so we did have one that whole time it was being worked on. I'm glad you guys think it's worth a call too, I might just do it. My husband is oddly not as stirred up as I would think. And he did imply he didnt want me to call and to just let it go, since he thinks they could potentially cause even more damage and have it for who knows how long, but I feel like it's ridiculous that they caused all that damage.
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  • Oh @cantalopes24 that sounds stressful and frustrating. I hope it all smooths out soon.
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  • @fourPsinapod I'm slightly more confrontational now than I am non-pregnant but you can totally go in for me and give em hell lol aren't you an ohian too or am I mixing people up? Haha 
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  • Ok wait... before I do sound irrational... I looked up the deer things and they are just $6 pieces that are a wildlife warning and basically attach by sticky stuff, and here is the gouge in the handle. I know it wasn't there when we had it taken in, but want to make sure you'd all still complain and I'm not just whining. The scratch on the other door looks bigger in size, but only goes down to the white undercoat not the metal. 

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  • I'd be raising hell, too, @kswiger06 (though my version of raising hell does not involve yelling, but rather eerie calm, which I learned from my mother, haha). They should absolutely fix that damage free of charge!
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  • Oh I would not be happy with the dealership... +1 for marching in and asking for a manager before I even say hello....

    My mother hates confrontation like this, she asks me to be her rent a bitch. Hahaha I generally take a cordial but this is unacceptable and do not push me further attitude. Unless they get snarky...

  • I'm so sorry your doctor still hasn't given you bedrest @foxrosy! That is crazy. I hope the new doctor does take you soon! 
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  • I had to go back to work after having 10 days off. So brutal. And I have SO MUCH work to catch up on because my employee is 80% useless.

  • Well this is a really small BF but I'm waiting on my car to get inspected and I saw skittles in the vending machine which I immediately needed but then it ate my money and didn't give me skittles! Now I'm skittleless and sad. 
    This legit just made me frowny face for you. 

  • @Gretchypoo OMG his response is classic! And what can I say, I'm really into food.  :D
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @marriedhamstermom this would give me all the rage!
  • homemake said:
    I think my husband finds me more attractive as a pregnant lady.. i on the other hand feel gross and uncomfortable so it's truly a winning combination. 

    My husband is the same way!!! Kinda weird if you ask me. 
  • My stupid uncle called and woke me up early in the morning (I work second shift and go to bed around 2am which he knows), so I answered thinking it must be an emergency. He simply called to complain about something stupid, so I told him I would call him later in the day when I wake up. I fell back asleep and not even 3 minutes later this asshole is AT MY HOUSE, KNOCKING ON THE DOOR! (unfortunately he happens to be our neighbor) And his knock is not a normal person knocking, it is out right banging. My dogs start barking/howling, so at this point I am beyond pissed. DH gets up, opens the door to say I am asleep and would call him later, and he literally pushes past my husband and walks in the house! Oh HELL NO. Needless to say we both screamed at him and I don't think we will be speaking for a LONG LONG TIME if ever. DH and I hurled some expletives his way honestly because he is quite an inconsiderate asshole and runs his mouth if he doesn't get his way, so he called my Mom and grandfather to tattle and whine about how we mistreat him, verbally abuse him, and are shitty family members (keep in mind my uncle is in his 40's) I have no interest in associating with that and I refuse to apologize. If i tell you I AM SLEEPING, CALL YOU LATER. It does not mean come to my house in 2 minutes and bang on the door and walk in my house b/c you want to talk. EFFFFF THAT! W T F    
  • @BlondePeanut WOW Talk about boundary issues! He just shoved in?
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @WinchesterGirl - yep, I unproudly introduce you to the rude no boundary having jerks of my family :s 

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